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All in Nine

Nine months to become a proficient swimmer


Unmatched progress.

Unmatched value.

Every parent wants the peace of mind that their child is safe around water. Our newest program, All in 9, is designed to save your family time and money. If you commit to 9 months of continuous swimming, we’ll give you a child who can self-rescue,  float on their back independently, and swim at least 25 feet. These are all necessary skills to be a safe swimmer for life.

What’s Included

For just $35 per week, All in 9 is focused on getting your child to become a proficient swimmer through nine months of continuous swim lessons. Reduce your time in lessons with our most cost-effective plan that includes:

Three milestones in just nine months

Parents, we want to give you the peace of mind your child is safe around water. These three milestones of our Progress Guarantee will set your child up for success in their years of water safety and swimming.

Float on Back

Independently float on their back without any floatation device.

Self Rescue

Get to the surface of the water and flip onto their back in a rescue position to be able to yell for help.

Swim 25 Feet

Have the foundational swim skills to be able to swim at least 25 feet using one or a few swim strokes (freestyle, sidestroke).

Frequently Asked Questions

Nine months. This program requires you to commit to swimming continuously throughout those nine months without taking a break. As always, we can adjust your swim lesson day and time as your family’s schedule changes.

The weekly lesson price is $35. This program requires a $150 enrollment fee per child, which gets applied to your ninth month of swim lessons. This makes your last month of swim lessons free!

We are making an investment into your child by holding their enrollment for nine months, and giving you a free swim clinic. The enrollment fee will serve as a deposit to keep you committed, and will be applied to your ninth month of swim lessons.

This program is for children 4 years and older.

This package includes:

  • One group swim lesson per week
  • One private lesson per month
  • Unlimited make-up lessons
  • Unlimited Family Swim (every weekend!)
  • One 5-day Swim Clinic
  • Monthly in-water skill evaluations for your child
  • Monthly progress report to keep you involved
  • Progress Guarantee: At the end of this program your child will be able to self-rescue, float independently on their back, and swim at least 25 feet.

If your child doesn’t reach the Progress Guarantee, we will provide you with up to two months of swim lessons for free.

Our monthly progress tracking ensures we are keeping your child on track, evaluating their skills regularly, and keep you involved with progress reports. If your child is ready for the next swim level after their evaluation, we will move them to the next level within one week!

This program requires a nine month commitment to be as effective as possible. If your child graduates reaches the Progress Guarantee early, we will keep progressing them through the subsequent swim levels of our program and focus on expanding their skills.

Not quite ready for this program? Take the first step to exploring swim lessons with a Complimentary Lesson.

*Non-refundable deposit taken at time of enrollment. Deposit will be credited to the account for the 9th month of swim lessons. Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. Progress Guarantee requires 90% attendance in swim lessons and 9 month commitment for your child to be able to self-rescue, float independently on their back, and swim at least 25 feet. If your child does not reach these milestones, you will get up to two months of swim lessons for free. Child must be at least 4 years old to participate in this program.

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