Giving Experiences Over Typical Toys - The Benefits Last A Lifetime

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As we are amidst the holiday season, your children are probably begging for this year’s most popular toys. Yet how often do you find toys forgotten in a corner a month or two after the holidays are over? This year, consider giving experiences…
learning how to swim

The Best Advice For New Bear Paddle Families

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We asked some of our expert Bear Paddle parents on advice they have to offer to both new Bear Paddle families, as well as to those considering swim lessons for their child. Ursula, Lake In The Hills, IL: “Get your kids in the water as soon…
flip to breathe the bear paddle swim school way

"Flip To Breathe" Teaching Children How To Swim The Bear Paddle Way

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Bear Paddle’s mission is to build safer swimmers by teaching children how to swim. Learning water safety skills at a young age is crucial as children are exposed to water every day, no matter where they live. Level 3 – Flip to Breathe prepares…