infant swimming lessons

5 Benefits Of Infant Swim Lessons

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5 Benefits of Starting Infant Swim Lessons At 6 Months Most of us recognize that infant swim lessons and learning to swim is a great safety skill, but many parents are unaware that children can begin learning to swim at a very young age. That’s…
great family activities for kids

Great Family Activities For Only Children

It’s far more common now for families to have an only child than it used to be. In fact, the number of families with one child is growing faster than any other type of family unit in the U.S.  If you have an only child, you’re in good company. When…

Giving Experiences Over Typical Toys - The Benefits Last A Lifetime

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As we are amidst the holiday season, your children are probably begging for this year’s most popular toys. Yet how often do you find toys forgotten in a corner a month or two after the holidays are over? This year, consider giving experiences…
Child Learning To Swim With Custom Swim Program At Bear Paddle

What Makes A Custom Kids’ Swimming Program Different

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Many of us grew up at a time when swimming lessons were much more informal than they are now. Either by a family member in a backyard pool, or perhaps we learned at summer camp in a pond or lake. Those of us who lived close to a YMCA or Boys…
excuses kids make to avoid learning to swim

5 Excuses Kids Make To Avoid Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim is an important skill that will help keep your children safe throughout their lives. But what happens when your child doesn’t want to learn? Here are five excuses kids make to avoid swimming lessons and tips to help them get…