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“Our son LOVES swim class! We signed him up at the Woodridge location for safety reasons and we were so surprised at how much he just loves swim class! Such a great place- we highly recommend it to many other parents looking for a swim school. Great establishment!”
Eran, Woodridge, IL

“Our daughter just started her lessons here a couple weeks ago, and much thanks to her terrific swim coaches, is gaining comfort in the water. She loves Coach Catie! Thank you for helping her grow each week in her skills and confidence.”
Katie, Chicago, IL

“My son really enjoys the lessons and loves his teacher! He’s always so excited to see her and get in the water. She is patient and a great instructor! All of the teachers I’ve observed as my son swims are the same and teach similarly. Which is so great when going to different levels and progressing.”
Kristin, Chicago, IL

“This swim school is amazing! We’ve attended several swim programs and never had the results we’ve had here! He loves his teachers and is thriving!”
Kristen, Chicago, IL

“The facility is great and the instructors are the best!”
Alex, Mason, OH

“I am amazed at how quickly my girls are learning how to swim and they are so excited to go every week!”
Laura, Mason, OH

“Staff is amazingly friendly, very patient and accommodating. I am thrilled with how comfortable my daughter is in the water (especially the deep end). She is excited every week about her swim lesson. Thanks guys you are ALL awesome.”
Sandra, Mason, OH

“This place is awesome. The staff is very helpful and friendly and facility is great! Definitely recommend to anyone that is in search of swim lessons for their child.”
Marisa, Mason, OH

“Bear Paddle’s programs are amazing, my son wouldn’t go near water and after his first lesson he begged us to take him back!”
Ann, Oswego, IL

“Since my children have started swim lessons at Bear Paddle, I have seen more improvement in two lessons than I’ve seen in years of lessons with other swim lessons.”
Pam, Naperville, IL

“The classes are small, teachers are GREAT, fees are reasonable and the pool area and locker rooms are very well taken care of.”
Kristen, Plainfield, IL

“The instructors at Bear Paddle offer superior instruction, guidance and positive reinforcement. We highly recommend Bear paddle and continue to see progress every time we come.”
Pam, Naperville, IL

“The instructors are great with our children. They make the classes fun and exciting all three of them have learned a lot in just 3 lessons so far! My kids keep asking me every day when swim lessons are!”
Kristen, Plainfield, IL

“We’ve had both of my kids at another swim center since they were 2 years old. They had fun, but didn’t learn basic swimming skills as much as I would have liked. But after only their second lesson at Bear Paddle, my six year old son is swimming unassisted and my 4 year old daughter is almost there too!”
Joe, Aurora, IL

“My kids have learned quicker at Bear Paddle Swim School than at any lessons they have had before. Your program and instructors are phenomenal.”
Sarah, Aurora, IL

“I can’t say enough about this school and the staff. We spent a lot of time and money last summer on private lessons trying to get my 5 year old to swim with no success. After his 1st session at Bear Paddle this year, he was swimming underwater, floating on his back, and putting his face in the water… and having FUN while doing it!! Thank you Bear Paddle!!”
Emily, Aurora, IL

“The instructors are great with the kids and just as important they are great teachers. I would highly recommend Bear Paddle!”
Joe, Aurora, IL

“After spending a boatload of $ elsewhere and my kids getting NOWHERE, I gave Bear Paddle and try and am so glad I did. Both my girls (4/1/2 and 8) were fearful of the water and within a few days of the swim camp this summer, they were both able to float and swim with their faces in WITHOUT floaties!! I can not express how vast and rapid an improvement we got here because it is beyond words.”
Parent, Aurora, IL

“We have been thrilled with Bear Paddle and it’s hard to believe my kids are loving the water and actually swimming! We had a rough start with my 5-year-old, but all the instructors were so great with him, they made it a good experience even when he was freaking out. Now he’s swimming like a fish, and my 7-year-old is doing actual swim strokes and loving the water too. I would recommend Bear Paddle to everyone.”
Arwen, Aurora, IL

“I love Bear Paddle! They push students to improve and gain confidence faster than I ever dreamed. The place is beautiful and clean. The teachers make class fun and I am so impressed with how they are so attentive, happy and playful!”
Susan, Naperville, IL

“Very happy with the facility. Well organized and structured lessons keeps kids constantly moving.”
Allen, Naperville, IL