South Jersey Swim Lessons For Kids

We pride ourselves on providing the best, most consistent swimming environment possible. We go through an extensive process to organically purify our saltwater pools for all swimmers. Take a peek inside our facility and learn about the water purification process!


It is our mission at Bear Paddle to provide the best swimming environment with fresh, comfortable, and clean pool water for our Students, Parents, and Team Members!

Bear Paddle’s warm 90 degree saltwater pool with small class sizes, provides a welcoming environment where children can focus on learning and having fun while being comfortable in the water.

The Bear Paddle water purification process starts with our Saltwater Generator System that naturally produces chlorine which searches out and destroys the organic and bacterial matter within the pool water. The water is then filtered by our Neptune Benson – Defender Filter and sanitized by our UV Light System. The saltwater pool ensures all swimmers will experience clean water and air that is gentle to skin, eyes, and lungs!


Bear Paddle uses a Saltwater Generator System to provide a softer and more comfortable water for all swimmers. The benefits of saltwater go beyond the velvety feel of the water. The salt consistency is regulated to 4,000 parts per million, roughly ten times less than ocean water. This will not help us float, but it will feel better on our swimmer’s skin, eyes, hair, and lungs. By utilizing a Salt Generator System, we are able to produce chlorine on an as needed basis out of the salt residual in the water. The Salt Generators use an electrolysis process to turn the salt in the water to chlorine. This means a safer environment for all of our swimmers as we do not need to house large quantities of chlorine on site.


The need for fresh and clean pool water is a necessity at Bear Paddle where we utilize the Neptune Benson – Defender Filter. The Defender Filter has been chosen by USA Swimming as the filter of choice for the 2004, 2008, and 2012 USA Olympic Swimming Trials. The Defender Filters use up to 90% less water than sand filters, making it an environmentally conscious option for water filtration. A world leader in filtration, the Defender Filter achieves the highest quality of water by removing particles down to 1 micron. This is 20 to 30 times finer than sand. The benefits include unsurpassed water quality, improved UV disinfection performance, and controls turbidity to levels better than those required for drinking water.


The UV Light System we use to sanitize and purify water is also used in water treatment plants, hospitals, and laboratories. We process 100% of our water through the UV Light System. UV light provides effective inactivation and termination of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, molds, and pathogens without adding additional chemicals.

Swim in a safer, healthier, and more comfortable water at Bear Paddle!