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Bear Paddle’s Swim Camps are offered for beginner swimmers, all the way up to competitive swimmers seasonally throughout the year! What’s great about Swim Camps is they keep kids active during cold weather, keep them building momentum, and prepare them for summer water activities. Swim Camps will allow your swimmer to progress faster in a shorter amount of time.

Spring Swim Camps

Spring Swim Camp will run for five days and the cost is $112.50. Receive $20 off one month of swim lessons with camp registration and the first 25 to sign up will receive a free towel!

Spring Swim Camp keeps kids active and helps them build momentum. When summer is here, they’ll be ready! For beginners, one Spring Swim Camp takes five weeks of swim lessons and condenses it into five days. Since children progress at different rates, the intensity of day-to-day Spring Swim Camp will give parents an early glimpse into their swimmer’s ability and rate of progression. For team swimmers, five days of back-to-back lessons provides advanced swimmers with an opportunity to practice their skills, continue to build their endurance and perfect their strokes. *Bear Paddle charges a $15 camp fee for all families.

Spring Swim Camp Dates

Monday, March 25 – Friday, March 29
All Illinois & Ohio Locations

Monday, April 1 – Friday, April 5
Louisville, KY

Monday, April 8 – Friday, April 12
Florence, KY

Monday, April 22 – Friday, April 26
Marlton, NJ & Oakley Station (Cincinnati), OH

*Bear Paddle charges a $15 camp fee for all families.


Summer Swim Camp

All Swim Levels Welcome

Registration Begins April 1!
Summer Swim Camps will be eight days, Monday – Thursday for two weeks and the cost is $180. The first 50 students to enroll will receive a free Bear Paddle T-Shirt! Summer Swim Camps keep kids active and building momentum all summer long! For beginners, Summer Swim Camps condense two months of weekly lessons into two weeks. The daily reinforcement of skills leads to increased muscle memory for beginner swimmers. For team swimmers, two weeks of daily back to back lessons provides advanced swimmers with an opportunity to practice their skills, continue to build their endurance, strengthen and perfect their strokes. Summer Swim Camps will give your swimmer the extra boost and confidence they will need for summer activities! *Bear Paddle charges a $15 camp fee for all families.

Swim Camp A:
June 3 – June 6 & June 10 – June 13
Marlton, NJ location will only have evening classes available. Both morning and evening classes available for all other locations.

Swim Camp B:
June 17 – June 20 & June 24 – June 27
Marlton, NJ location will only have evening classes available. Both morning and evening classes available for all other locations.

Swim Camp C:
July 8 – July 11 & July 15 – July 18

Swim Camp D:
July 22 – July 25 & July 29 – August 1

Swim Camp E:
August 5 – August 8 & August 12 – August 15

Swim Camp F:
August 19 – August 22 & August 26 – August 29
Marlton, NJ Location Only

*Bear Paddle charges a $15 camp fee for all families.

Seasonal Swim Camp FAQS

How Do I Register For Swim Lessons?

Registration is easy! You can view our swim schedule and register online, or by calling your local Bear Paddle location.

How Do I Know Which Swim Level Is Best For My Student?

We have designed our curriculum by age and ability. If you are unsure what Swim Level to register your Student in, we welcome you to schedule a free Swim Assessment by calling your local Bear Paddle location.

How Do I Pay For Swim Lessons?

Swim Camp fees are paid at the time of enrollment and will vary based on the length of the camp. Please contact your Customer Service Team if you wish to make different payment arrangements. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Do You Have Enrollment Fees?

Bear Paddle charges a $15 camp enrollment fee for all families.

Where Can I Find Your Camp Schedule?

We offer camps seasonally throughout the year! Our website, online swim schedule, reflects our most up-to-date swim schedule with available camps.

What If I Can’t Find A Swim Time Online That Works With My Family’s Schedule?

We try our best to offer swim lessons to accommodate families with busy schedules. If you can’t find a time that works with your family, please give us a call at your local Bear Paddle location.

If I Have More Than One Student, Can My Students Swim At The Same Time?

We try our best to accommodate families with more than one Student. We offer a variety of classes for different ages and abilities to facilitate easier family scheduling.

Will My Student’s Swim Teacher Change?

While we strive to provide consistent Swim Teachers week-to-week while maintaining the highest standards of teaching excellence, sometimes a Swim Teacher may need to change their schedule. New Swim Teachers can be a good thing. Even when an existing Swim Teacher is well liked, different Swim Teachers see different elements and may have the ability to challenge your Student in a new way. Sometimes staying with a specific Swim Teacher may create a dependency, which may prohibit the Student from swimming successfully without their favorite Swim Teacher. Providing a diverse Swim Lesson experience will help Students adjust to unforeseen challenges. In addition, family scheduling can be easier for Parents when the Student is not tied to one specific Swim Teacher.

How Long Are The Swim Lessons?

Each Swim Lesson is 30 minutes in length.

How Many Students Are In Each Class?

Student to Teacher ratios for Non-Parent participation classes are 3:1 and 4:1. Student to Teacher ratios for Parent participation classes are 5:1 and 4:1.

How Long Will It Take My Student To Learn How To Swim?

This is one of the most popular questions Parents ask. Every Student is unique with varying swimming ability. There is no set time it will take a Student to learn how to swim. At Bear Paddle, we believe swimming consistently and frequently are the keys to swimming success.

What Happens If My Student Is Ready To Move Up A Swim Level?

If your Student is ready to move up a Swim Level due to a change in age or ability, our Teachers will work to build upon the Student’s next skills until the end of their camp. Upon ending the camp your Student will receive a Level Recommendation card that outlines their new skill level!

How Do I Know If My Student Is Ready To Move Up?

You will receive a recommendation for future Camp’s Swim Level prior to your final day of the camp.

Where Do I Go If I Want To Ask How My Student Is Progressing In Their Class?

The Deck Specialist is present on the Pool Deck and evaluates each Student during each class. The Deck Specialist is ready to provide updates on the progress of each Student. The Deck Specialist is always available to answer any questions regarding our program, policies, or Student progress. The Deck Specialist also gives Students their earned Skill Patches and Level Recommendation cards on the second to last day of every camp!

What Will Happen In The Event Of A Pool Closure (Bathroom Incident, Power Outage, or Weather)?

If we must close the pool for any of the above reasons, a credit will be added to your family’s account that can be applied toward future sessions. Please be patient while Management assesses all situations. Some power outages are temporary and Swim Lessons can be completed. For severe weather, the management team will direct everyone to the changing area. Since our pools are grounded and we do not have an outdoor pool, we are able to continue with Swim Lessons during most severe weather.

What Does My Student Need To Bring To Swim Lessons?

All Students will need to bring a swimsuit and a towel. All of our Students under the age of three are also required to wear a disposable and a reusable swim diaper. Our Pool Deck has all the necessary teaching tools for your Student to use during their Swim Lesson, however, your Student may bring their own goggles.

What Should I Expect On My First Day?

We will ensure your Student is in the right Swim Level. Both the Swim Teacher and Deck Specialist will work together to ensure each Student’s Skill Level meets the expectations of each class. If you feel your Student has not been assessed accurately or is in the wrong Swim Level, please notify the Deck Specialist.

When Can My Student Start?

Bear Paddle offers Seasonal Swim Camps! You can view our Session Swim schedule online, or by calling your local Bear Paddle location.

How Can I Make Sure My Student Doesn’t Go To The Bathroom In The Pool?

To avoid a bathroom mishap in the pool, please arrive with enough time prior to your Swim Lesson to take your Student to the bathroom. Also, if your Student is under the age of three or is not potty trained, please ensure you have a disposable and a reusable swim diaper on them during Swim Lessons.

What If My Student Misses A Swim Lesson?

In the event your Student misses a Swim Lesson and a doctor’s note is provided, a credit will be added to your family’s account that can be applied to future lessons. Unexpected pool closures will also result in a credit on your families account.

"Our son enjoys his swim classes and the facility and staff are great. The instructors are very attentive and provide a safe atmosphere where children can learn and also enjoy themselves. We’re looking forward to his continued development as a swimmer and student."

- Luis L.
Aurora, Illinois

"Bear Paddle offers personalized lessons for your little ones! The instructors are always right there in the pool, within arms reach of students. My kids have shown a lot of improvement after just three lessons."

- Rebecca P.
Woodridge, Illinois

"My son loves coming to swim lessons every week. The small class sizes and individualized attention is great for him and his learning style. I am so happy with the progress he's made so far. I am so happy with my decision to enroll him at Bear Paddle Orland Park!"

- Katie F.
Orland Park, Illinois

"Bear Paddle provided such a great swim experience for my daughter. She went into swim camp apprehensive and left after 4 weeks feeling confident in the water. We will definitely be scheduling swim classes now that camps are over. We love Bear Paddle!"

- Kelly K.
Mason, Ohio

"I highly recommend this swim school! I enrolled my son last summer and I'm impressed how far he's come learning proper techniques and all! The instructors are great. They seem to care about each swimmer's progress. My son loves the patches they give out after achieving a skill/technique. They also make it fun and engaging for the kids. The staff in general are very helpful and welcoming."

- Jennifer O.
Bloomingdale, Illinois

"I love the Bear Paddle School. My son started off scared and in the matter of 5 weeks, he is very comfortable in the water! He is on his way to swimming like a fish! They cater to children and make learning to swim fun! I highly recommend this school for all children! Thank you Bear Paddle Oakley Station!"

- Candace W.
Cincinnati, Ohio