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Spring Into Summer With Swim Packages!

More Swimming, More Savings, More Results! 10%, 15%, and 20% Off Swim Packages When You Purchase Lessons, Camp, And Family Swim.

Register today and learn more about how your little one can progress their swim skills and practice safety with our discounted swim packages!

Splashtastic Packages:
Package #1 $270 $243
12 Weeks of Swim Lessons
Promo Code: SPLASH10

Package #2 $382 $325
12 Weeks + Spring Swim Camp
Promo Code: SPLASH15

Package #3 $425 $338
12 Weeks + Spring Swim Camp + 4 Family Swim Days for Two Attendees
Promo Code: SPLASH20

Promotion expires March 31. Not available with any other offers or discounts. One package per student.


The Bear Paddle Difference!

Warm Salt Water Pool

The 90°F saltwater pool and sophisticated pool sanitation system delivers a clean atmosphere and swimming environment. Each student will experience clean water and air that is gentle to their skin, eyes, and lungs.

Small Classes

Classes are structured by age and ability to accommodate varying abilities within each age group. Student to Swim Teacher ratios are 3:1, 4:1, or 5:1 depending on the swim level.

Fun Swim Lessons

Our swim lesson plans are designed from a student’s perspective, keeping children engaged and learning throughout their swimming lessons. Each Swim Lesson has an element of Safety, Endurance, Creativity, and Swimming Without Goggles.

Designed for Kids

Bear Paddle’s facility is truly kid-friendly. Each swim school includes family-style changing rooms, baby changing stations, private showers, hair dryers, and lockers. We also offer seating on the pool deck for parents, multiple air-conditioned viewing areas, movies playing all day, and free Wi-Fi.

Easy Registration

Start today! Bear Paddle has open enrollment seven days a week and year-round, making Swim Lessons a convenient and consistent part of your child’s routine.


"Our son enjoys his swim classes and the facility and staff are great. The instructors are very attentive and provide a safe atmosphere where children can learn and also enjoy themselves. We’re looking forward to his continued development as a swimmer and student."

- Luis L.
Aurora, Illinois

"Bear Paddle offers personalized lessons for your little ones! The instructors are always right there in the pool, within arms reach of students. My kids have shown a lot of improvement after just three lessons."

- Rebecca P.
Woodridge, Illinois

"My son loves coming to swim lessons every week. The small class sizes and individualized attention is great for him and his learning style. I am so happy with the progress he's made so far. I am so happy with my decision to enroll him at Bear Paddle Orland Park!"

- Katie F.
Orland Park, Illinois

"Bear Paddle provided such a great swim experience for my daughter. She went into swim camp apprehensive and left after 4 weeks feeling confident in the water. We will definitely be scheduling swim classes now that camps are over. We love Bear Paddle!"

- Kelly K.
Mason, Ohio

"I highly recommend this swim school! I enrolled my son last summer and I'm impressed how far he's come learning proper techniques and all! The instructors are great. They seem to care about each swimmer's progress. My son loves the patches they give out after achieving a skill/technique. They also make it fun and engaging for the kids. The staff in general are very helpful and welcoming."

- Jennifer O.
Bloomingdale, Illinois

"I love the Bear Paddle School. My son started off scared and in the matter of 5 weeks, he is very comfortable in the water! He is on his way to swimming like a fish! They cater to children and make learning to swim fun! I highly recommend this school for all children! Thank you Bear Paddle Oakley Station!"

- Candace W.
Cincinnati, Ohio