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What is a Swim Clinic And What Can You Expect From It?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, swimming is the fourth leading recreational sport in the US. With at least 3,100 professional swimming clubs in the country, it’s not surprising that swimming camps are now gaining popularity. 

Whether you want your infant to learn crucial water safety skills or introduce a new pastime for your family, the right swim clinic will present you with swimming lessons appropriate to your child’s age and needs. 

This article will explore what a swim clinic is, what parents like yourself can expect from them, and what the benefits of swimming lessons are. 

What is a swim clinic? 

Swim clinics are institutes that help children of all ages learn to swim through the help of professional instructors and coaches.

Typically, a swim clinic offers classes divided into different age groups and swim levels. For instance, swimming lessons for toddlers tackle water safety skills, while courses for older children focus on improving their existing stroke techniques and swimming skills. 

Excellent swimming camps have state-of-the-art facilities for their students, such as pools of different depths and sizes for various age groups and swim levels. They’ll also have a functioning locker and shower room where students can comfortably change into their swimwear. Additionally, they have trained lifeguards present in every class regardless of the age group and skill level.

Depending on their curriculum, there are clinics that have their own swimming equipment. Some clinics provide their students with the equipment they need for different activities, while others encourage them to bring their own. 

Swim coaches are there to prepare you for what to expect with the different classes they offer. They might even ask you to participate in a session or two if your child will be attending infant lessons. This is because many swimming courses for infants focus on teaching both parents and students crucial water safety skills.

How to find the right swimming camp for your infant

When looking for the perfect swim clinic for your infant, there are three factors that you need to consider–these are instructors, curriculum, and safety protocols. 

Certified instructors

Trained and certified instructors are a must for a safe and successful class. The right clinic would not offer courses without an experienced coach present. 

Suppose you’re considering enrolling your infant in a swimming class. In that case, you must ensure that your chosen clinic’s instructors are trained and have undergone the proper safety training required to teach swimming courses. 

Aside from teaching your child, the swim coach will primarily be responsible for their safety. They need to know the proper safety procedures to follow during water-related incidents and should be able to provide the appropriate first-aid protocol. 

Some clinics allow parents to meet their instructors or observe classes before enrolling their children. If this is the case, it’s worth taking advantage of this offer. 


Children’s learning abilities differ from one age group to another. Infants can’t join lessons for older children because they haven’t developed the skills required to breathe underwater. On the other hand, kids above the age of four can’t join sessions for babies because their curriculum is for students below their skill level.

The swim clinic you end up choosing should have well-rounded curriculums for kids of different ages and skill levels. They should be able to offer a wide range of courses for toddlers and older children who already have the techniques of a beginner. 

It’s also ideal that you have the ability to choose between private and group classes. Private lessons are perfect for shy children, while group sessions are perfect for kids who enjoy socialization. 

If you want to ensure that your child gets the sole attention of the instructor, private classes are excellent for you. But if you want to teach your kid how to be comfortable around their peers, group lessons are the right choice. 

Safety protocols

Another crucial factor to think about is safety protocols. Aside from trained instructors, excellent swimming camps also have certified lifeguards present in their facilities. As mentioned earlier, swim clinics categorize classes into two; private and group. 

When group sessions are happening, it’s challenging for coaches to keep an eye on every student participating in the class–this is where lifeguards come in. They ensure that everyone in the class is safe while the instructors focus on teaching their students. 

Benefits of swimming lessons for infants

There’s a reason why pediatric experts suggest that children learn how to swim as early as infancy. Aside from water safety skills, there are three other benefits to swimming lessons for infants. 

Builds strength and endurance

Besides being a fun hobby, swimming is also an excellent exercise for children that helps them build strength and endurance. Regular swimming forces kids to work against resistance in the water, which means their entire body is constantly moving. 

Improves developmental skills 

Recent studies have shown that kids who regularly swim have better brain development than those who don’t. Swimming stimulates both sides of the brain, allowing neural pathways to develop faster.

Improves social skills

Many shy kids learned to socialize with their peers through group swimming lessons. They’llm learn how to share and cooperate with others during these sessions, which becomes essential when they grow older and start attending school. 


Excellent clinics will show you that aside from teaching children how to swim, a swim clinic can help them become well-rounded individuals in the future. Your infant will learn crucial safety skills to help them survive accidents and develop healthier coping mechanisms later in life.

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