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The Best Swim School For Kids in Cincinnati, Ohio

Bear Paddle Swim School is a month-to-month year round swim school offering 30-minute Swim lessons seven days a week in Oakley Station, Cinncinnati. We make swimming a convenient and consistent part of your student’s routine. It’s easy to enroll! Pick a day and time that works best for your family and that is your reserved time until your student moves up a level, your schedule changes, or you need to take a break. Enroll today and start tomorrow!

Weekly Swim Lessons

Swim 1x Per Week

Price per lesson is $20.00

All swim lessons are 30 minutes in length


Swim 3x Per Week

Price Per Camp is $60.00

All swim lessons are 30 minutes in length

Family Swim

Open to all, let your children practice their swim skills in a casual, fun environment. Included for free for all weekly swimmers.

About Bear Paddle:
Bear Paddle specializes in year round swim lessons at a kid-friendly facility for children of all ages and abilities. We offer easy online registration, engaging swim lessons, and a dedicated team that makes the experience one-of-a-kind. The warm saltwater pool and sophisticated pool sanitation system supply a comfortable and clean swimming atmosphere. Our iron-on skill patches teach Bear Paddle swimmers positive reinforcement in a fun and innovative way!

Bear Paddle Oakley Station – Cincinnati is located at Madison Rd. and Vandercar Way. We are serving the community of Cincinnati, Covington, White Oak, Finneytown, North College Hill, Northbrook, Reading, Blue Ash, Springdale, Newport, Montgomery, Forest Park, Fort Thomas, Sharonville, Edgewood, and surrounding!

3099 Disney St.
Cincinnati, OH 45209

(513) 285-8855 Ext. 2



9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

3:00 PM - 8:00 PM

9:00 AM - 8:30 PM

9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

3:00 PM - 8:30 PM


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Donate To Hope Floats

Save a life today! Make a donation to Hope Floats Foundation and help save the life of a local child in need. Hope Floats provides scholarships for swim lessons for children in our community. Give the life-saving gift of swim lessons!

Refer-A-Friend Special!

Refer-A-Friend, Get A $25 Gift Card! Swimming is more fun with friends, share the life-saving skill of swimming!


Emelia D.

What has been your favorite swimming experience?
Going to Norris lake as a kid with my family.

What was a great teaching moment in your career?
When I helped an extreme water adjuster overcome his fear of the water. He is now a level 3.

Who was your favorite swim figure / hero growing up?
Michael Phelps, he made swimming butterfly look effortless.

Why do you choose a career in aquatics over others?
I believe that teaching children how to swim is one of the most important life saving skills there is, also swimming is awesome exercise.

Why do you like working at Bear Paddle?
It's a really fun environment, and we teach such an amazing skill.

What’s your favorite swim stroke?

What is your favorite moment at Bear Paddle so far as an SSM?
Watching my coaches getting excited about their student's progress and their lessons. Seeing other's passion about what we do here is such a rewarding feeling.