The Bear Paddle App is a great resource to view family, student, and class information. Through the App you will be able to update contact and payment information, view your Student’s progress as well as transfer or enroll in classes!



First Time Launching the New Bear Paddle App

Selecting Your Default Location
Opening the App for the first time you will be prompted to select your default Bear Paddle Location. Once your location has been selected, you will not have to select another location unless you wish to change your default location.
Parent Login
After you have selected your location, you can login with your Jackrabbit Parent Portal username and password. To find the login screen tap the ‘GEAR’ icon on the bottom navigation. Once logged in, you will be able to edit your enrolled students, parental contacts, payment information and other account-specific settings.
Home Screen
The Bear Paddle App ‘HOME SCREEN’ will house quick links to what you might need often.
My Account Menu
You can access a variety of account settings once logged in by tapping the ‘GEAR’ icon on the bottom, and then ‘MY ACCOUNT’.
To view the settings menu, simply tap on the ‘GEAR’ icon at the bottom of the app.

From the ‘SETTINGS’ or ‘PROFILE’ section, you can modify a variety of options including:

  • • Adding or removing an enrolled student
  • • Add or modify parental contacts attached to your Jackrabbit profile
  • • Search for open classes
  • • View upcoming events at your default location
  • • View push notifications
Updating Currently Enrolled Student Information
In this section you can view and update currently enrolled students.
Adding A New Student
Adding a new student is simple. Just tap ‘ADD STUDENT’ and fill out the fields. You can make modifications to the newly added student by selecting them from the list of students in your profile.
The Contacts Menu
The ‘CONTACTS’ section keeps a list of parental or otherwise authorized contacts for your student. You can add, and modify these contacts from this section.
Side Menu
The slide out side menu in the New Bear Paddle App houses a host of handy features that you can utilize.
Parent Forms
Here you can find direct links to the Make-Up Lessons, Withdraw and Parent Survey form.