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Learn more about our weekly swim lessons and programs

Group Lessons

Our swim lessons for kids and infants are designed to be a fun and convenient part of your family’s weekly routine. Swim once a week. All swim lessons are 30 minutes. Pricing varies by location.

Private Lessons

A swim teacher works one-on-one with your child or with another child of similar swim skills to build their swimming skills. Private/semi-private lessons are provided weekly for 30 minutes.

Swim Levels and Rewards

With our progress promise, we capture your child’s swim goal and set a timeline to reach that goal, and diligently track to ensure they are making progress. If they don’t reach their swim goal in the recommended time, you get up to six months of lessons for free.

Teddy Introduction
Level 1: Water Adjustment
Level 2: Basics of Swimming
Level 3: Flip to Breathe
Level 4: Fundamentals of Swimming
Level 5: Swimmers for Life
Level 6: Competitive Stroke
Level 7: Competitive Advantage

Bear Paddle Swim Programs

Paddle Plus
Paddle Premier
Two Weekly Swim Lesson
One Weekly Swim Lesson
20 Minute Monthly 1:1 Skill Lesson
15% Retail Discount
15% Discount on Clinics
Early Enrollment for Clinics
Make-Up Lessons
Family Swim
Monthly Progress Report
Progress Patches
10% Sibling Discount

Family Swim

Included with all memberships

Family Swim is offered every Saturday and Sunday for free to enrolled families! This is a great opportunity to get in the water with your kids and have fun, play games, or work on specific swim skills.

For enrolled families only.  

Swim Clinics

During school breaks, we offer seasonal Swim Clinics for children of all ages that help boost your child’s swimming potential all year long!  Swim 4 times per week for 30 minutes.

Pricing varies by location.

Start your Bear Paddle story today with a free swim lesson and skills assessment.