the best swimming class for kids

Each Bear Paddle facility features a state of the art warm saltwater pool with our interactive Paddle’s Kid Wash, Clubhouse & Viewing Area, Paddle’s Gear Shop for all of your apparel and swim needs, and Family Friendly Changing Area. Take a peek inside our facility and learn about what Bear Paddle has to offer!


Stop by the Front Desk to say hello, ask questions, learn about upcoming Swim Camps, or inquire about any needs or concerns you have! The team at the Front Desk is available to answer any of your questions. Our Front Desk is equipped with two computers where parents can register for classes, access the Parent Portal, or check out our social media pages. The Front Desk has all of the information about Bear Paddle’s facility and program. We love to see the smiling faces enter the lobby and say see you next time to families leaving!


The Clubhouse is a climate controlled area, perfect for parents watching their children swim, swimmers waiting for their class to start, or children getting homework completed while their brother or sister paddles and kicks away. There are always kid friendly movies to occupy even the busiest little ones. The Clubhouse is also available for families to host pool parties on the weekends!


Paddle’s Gear Shop is your one-stop-shop for all things Bear Paddle. We keep a wide variety of swim apparel for all sizes, ages, abilities, and personalities. We also stock a variety of swim essentials including goggles, flippers, ear plugs, and even our training tools. Don’t forget to grab a Bear Paddle t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat for you or a friend. Also, be sure to check out our new Skill Patch Rewards towel where you can track your student’s swimming progress each step of the way!


It is our mission at Bear Paddle to provide the best swimming environment with fresh, comfortable, and clean pool water for our Students, Parents, and Team Members!

Bear Paddle’s warm 90-degree saltwater pool with small class sizes, provides a welcoming environment where children can focus on learning and having fun while being comfortable in the water.

The Bear Paddle water purification process starts with our Saltwater Generator System that naturally produces chlorine which searches out and destroys the organic and bacterial matter within the pool water. The water is then filtered by our Neptune Benson – Defender Filter and sanitized by our UV Light System. The saltwater pool ensures all swimmers will experience clean water and air that is gentle to skin, eyes, and lungs!


We have designed a family friendly changing area where both moms and dads are welcome with their student. We provide changing stalls complete with benches and hooks, lockers for storing your additional clothing and bags, as well as separate showers for rinsing off before and after swim lessons. Each changing room features swimsuit dryers that spin the water off of your swim apparel in less than 30 seconds and hair dryers placed at a convenient height!