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Bear Paddle’s story-based lesson plans are created from a child’s perspective to keep children involved and learning throughout their swim lessons. Our saltwater pool is divided into stations for each level with all the required teaching tools. Each student progresses at their own pace and is recognized for their accomplishments with Bear Paddle’s Skill Patch Rewards.

Weekly Swim Lesson Pricing
Weekly Swim Lesson Pricing

Swim Lesson fees are charged per lesson per month on the first day of each month. Swim Lesson prices include one 30-minute lesson per week. Families will not be charged for their first Swim Lesson until the start date is confirmed.

Group Lessons

$22.50 per lesson

$42.50 per lesson

$60.00 per lesson

$77.50 per lesson


$40.00 per lesson

$70.00 per lesson

$90.00 per lesson

$110.00 per lesson


$70.00 per lesson

$130.00 per lesson

$180.00 per lesson

$230.00 per lesson

Special Needs

$60.00 per lesson

$110.00 per lesson

$150.00 per lesson

$190.00 per lesson

* Bear Paddle charges a $25 enrollment fee for new families, a $15 re-enrollment fee, and a $15 camp fee for all families.

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The Best In Swim Lessons!

Bear Paddle Swim School is a month-to-month year round swim school offering 30-minute swim lessons seven days a week. We make swimming a convenient and consistent part of your student’s routine. It’s easy to enroll! Pick a day and time that works best for your family and that is your reserved time until your student moves up a level, your schedule changes, or you need to take a break. Enroll today and start tomorrow!

• Warm Saltwater Pool
• Certified Swim Teachers
• Fun Swim Lessons
• Small Class Size
• Facility Just For Kids

At Bear Paddle Swim School, your children will learn important lessons about water safety and swimming that will build their confidence whenever water is nearby. Starting with baby swimming lessons and working on up to swimming classes for kids of all ages, our 10 locations in Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and New Jersey provide specialized lessons catered to each age group and skill level.

Our lessons are embedded in a fun, interactive curriculum that allows your child to master the building blocks of swimming before moving on to more challenging endeavors. As your child grows and completes each stage of their swimming lessons, they will move into more challenging waters and learn a variety of new swimming techniques.

Age Appropriate Learning

While swimming lessons for toddlers and babies mostly focus on floating and paddling, older children will begin to learn advanced techniques, including breaststroke variations and proper kicking methods, which may even prepare them for competitive swimming later in life.

All our group classes are separated by age ranges, so your child can enjoy swimming, splashing and socializing with other children their own age. We also offer private lessons for those who prefer a quieter setting for learning. Bear Paddle Swim School is also proud to offer special-needs swim lessons with our specially trained instructors.

Parents can go online to take a quick swim assessment for their children to determine their approximate skill level in the water, or you can come by for an in-person assessment with one of our qualified instructors.

Build Your Child’s Confidence

You are sure to see a huge difference in your child’s confidence in and around water after they have completed their first few swim lessons at Bear Paddle. Over time, you will find that these lessons will play an important part in keeping your kids safe at the pool, and on family trips to water parks, local lakes, and more. The more water skills your child learns early in life, they safer they will be whenever they are around open water.

To learn more about swim lessons through Bear Paddle Swim School, contact us today. We are happy to answer all of your registration questions and ensure that your children get placed in the correct level class for their age and abilities. We can also help you schedule private lessons if desired.

We invite parents to participate in their children’s lessons to make sure they fully understand the skills they are learning, especially for babies and toddlers, so don’t forget to bring your swimsuit along too!