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How Do I Register?

Families can register at bearpaddle.com, by calling us, or in person at any of our locations. Families can also register through their Parent Portal. Families with a Parent Portal can also view available classes, add swimmers, and update any family information!

How Do I Know Which Swim Level Is Best For My Student?

We have designed our curriculum by age and ability. If you are unsure what Swim Level to register your Student in, we welcome you to schedule a Complimentary Swim Lesson at one of our locations or take our online swim assessment at bearpaddle.com.

How Do I Pay For Lessons?

Swim Lesson fees are charged per lesson per month on the first day of each month. Swim Lesson prices include one 30-minute lesson per week. Families will not be charged for their first swim Lesson until the start date is confirmed. Fees may be prorated based on your first day of swim lessons and preplanned Bear Paddle closures. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash, or check. Prices vary by location. Visit bearpaddle.com to view our most up to date pricing.

How Long Is My Student Signed Up For?

Classes are month to month, meaning classes continue until an in-person 30-day withdraw notice is submitted. Students will benefit for staying enrolled in the full quarter commitment to ensure they receive all the benefits including: Level Recommendations, Program Evaluations, and Patches & Graduation.

Do You Offer Discounts Or What Is Included With Monthly Fees?

Yes! With your membership, active families benefit from Free Family Swim, Make-Up Lessons, Skill Patches, and a free Swim Bag! We also offer multi Student and multi Swim day pricing! For multi Student families, the second Student enrolled in lessons receives 10% off lessons and any additional Students receive 20% off lessons. For multi Swim day pricing, any additional swim day will be 20% off their additional swim day.


What Does My Student Need To Bring To Swim Lessons?

All Students will need to bring a swimsuit and a towel. All of our Students under the age of three are also required to wear a disposable and reusable swim diaper. Our Pool Deck has all the necessary teaching tools for your Student to use during their swim lesson, however your Student may bring their own goggles.

What Should I Expect On My First Day?

We will ensure your Student is in the right Swim Level. Both the Swim Teacher and Deck Specialist will work together to ensure each Student’s Skill Level meets the expectations of each class. If you feel your Student has not been assessed accurately or is in the wrong Swim Level, please notify the Deck Specialist.

How Can I Make Sure My Student Doesn’t Go To The Bathroom In The Pool?

To avoid a bathroom mishap in the pool, please arrive with enough time prior to your swim lesson to take your Student to the bathroom. Also, if your Student is under the age of three or is not potty trained, please ensure you have a disposable and reusable swim diaper on them during swim lessons.


What If My Student Misses A Swim Lesson?

Make-Up Lessons will be offered on Saturdays and Sundays every week. Spots are reserved on a first call, first-serve basis and must be scheduled on Tuesdays & Wednesdays for the upcoming Saturday or Sunday. Make-Up Lessons cannot be booked beyond the current week. Availability to schedule a Make-Up Lesson is not guaranteed. Refunds will not be issued for missed lessons.

What If Bear Paddle Closes For An Unexpected Closure?

In the event of an unexpected Bear Paddle closure, your Student will receive a credit on your account. We will notify families of unexpected closures as soon as we can via phone, email, and social media. In the event of vomit or fecal matter found in the pool, management will follow state guidelines and ensure student safety. In the event of pool heater issues, swim lessons will continue if the pool temp is 86 degrees and above.

When Are Bear Paddle’s Scheduled Closings?

Families will not be charged for lessons that fall on scheduled Bear Paddle closures defined as pre-planned dates; New Year’s Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

What If I Need To Change My Student’s Schedule Swim Time?

Transfers are allowed during the first month of each Quarter (January, March, June, September). If a transfer of lesson results in a missed lesson, a Make-Up Lesson will be given. If a transfer of lesson results in an extra lesson, a fee will be charged for the additional lesson. If a Student is ready to move up after the first month we will work with family’s schedule to find the appropriate class for them.


What If My Student Is In The Wrong Level?

We evaluate each Student to address any situation where a class is not a match based on the skill level of the group. If you have concerns, please let a Deck Specialist know right away. Our goal is to provide the best lessons for our Students and to always have Students in the best class for their skill and development level.

What If My Student Moves Up A Level Early Before The End Of The Quarter?

If a Student improves greatly in the first few lessons and should need to move to the next level, we will do our best to accommodate the change in level.

How Will I Know How My Student Is Progressing?

Teachers will provide progress reports and homework tips for your Student on a weekly basis. Students will be evaluated and given patches two times per quarter! Once a Student earns the patches required to graduate the level, they will move to the next level. Patches can be ironed on our Patch Reward Towel! The Teacher and Deck Specialist will work together to inform parents as skills are being mastered and ensure Students are challenged on new skills when current level skills are achieved.

How Can My Student Progress Faster?

On average it takes about 16 weeks to complete a level swimming one time per week, swimming two times per week will cut time in half for most swimmers. Free Family Swim, Swim Camps, and adding another swim day is a great way to practice and boost your learn to swim time!

What Is A Level Recommendation?

Level Recommendations are completed towards the end of the Quarter informing Parents on Student’s progress and recommended level for next quarter.

What If My Student Moves Up A Level After Receiving Their Level Recommendation For The Next Quarter?

We realize after Level Recommendations are given, there are still weeks left to improve. As such, our Teachers are trained to ask the Deck Specialist to retest the Student and address the Families that need to move to a new Level in the next Quarter.


How Long Is Each Quarter?

Our Winter 2020 Quarter will be 9 weeks. All future Quarters will be 13 weeks.

What Age Can I Register My Student To Begin Lessons?

Students can begin swimming lessons as early as 6 months old, however we offer beginner levels for Students of all ages. We strive to ensure all Students are at the minimum equipped with the ability to self rescue graduating from Level 3 – Flip To Breathe swim level.

How Many Students Are In Each Class?

Student to Teacher ratios vary between 3:1 and 6:1 based on each Student’s age and level.

Do you Offer Family Swim?

Yes! Please visit bearpaddle.com to view our most up to date Family Swim offerings.

Are Private, Semi-Private, Or Special Needs Classes Offered?

Yes, if you would like to schedule a private, semi-private, or special needs class, please call us or stop by any of our locations.

What Are Camps And When Are They Offered?

Camps are offered seasonally and typically align with school breaks to provide families the opportunity to swim multiple times in a one or two week setting. During Camps, Students swim 3 to 5 times each week for maximum swimming progress in the shortest amount of time. Please visit bearpaddle.com to view our most up to date Camp offerings.

Any Perks For Referring A Friend?

Yes! You will receive a $25 Bear Paddle Gift Card for use towards swim lessons and merchandise.


Where Can I Find Your Swim Schedule?

Our website, bearpaddle.com, reflects our most up-to-date swim schedule and only displays classes with space available for enrollment. We offer swim lessons seven days a week to make swimming a convenient and consistent part of your Student’s routine.

If I Enroll Today, When Can I Start?

You can start any time that works with your family!

Will My Student Have The Same Teacher?

As each Teacher’s schedule changes, we can not guarantee the same Teacher will be available in the upcoming Quarter, but we will try our best to accommodate.

If I Have More Than One Student, Can My Students Swim At The Same Time?

We try our best to accommodate families with more than one Student. We offer a variety of classes for different ages and abilities to facilitate easier family scheduling.


What Are The Benefits Of A Saltwater Pool?

Saltwater ensures your Student will experience clean water and air that is gentler to skin, eyes, and lungs.

What Are Some Of Bear Paddle’s Safety Rules?

Disposable swim diapers and reusable swim pants are required for Students under the age of three. Swimmers are required to rinse before and after swim lessons. Do not feed your child at least 30 minutes before lessons. Make sure your child uses the restroom before each swim lesson to ensure a safe swimming environment.

A parent/guardian must remain at the facility for the duration of the lesson, there will be no drop-offs. Parents are required to help enforce the no running policy. State law prohibits food or glass from entering the pool area. Students may not enter the pool without a Teacher present, they must wait with their parent/guardian on the pool deck until their swim lesson.