Swim School in Cincinnati

Bear Paddle helps your little ones become safe and confident swimmers through personalized swim lessons in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Personalize Swim Lessons

Our Programs Include:

  • Group swim lessons - your little ones will master swimming essentials with other eager learners.
  • Semi-private classes - have your kids learn with a swim buddy to keep it fun and challenging.
  • Private lessons - our experienced coaches will closely work with your kid and ensure progress.
  • Family Swim - Free with your monthly swim membership! Available every Saturday and Sunday.

Our swimming school in Cincinnati offers personalized lessons for kids of all ages and needs. We have weekly swimming lessons designed for  your children's skill level. These classes last for 30 minutes so your little ones have more free time.


Safe, kid-friendly facility

We do the following measures to curb the spread of COVID-19:

Bear Paddle has strict health and safety protocols in place to help keep your children safe. Our swim school understands your need and concern for safe swimming during these trying times.

  • Disinfecting all areas in our facility and providing hand sanitizers for our families
  • Testing the water chemistry and checking salt and chlorine levels for pools
  • Masks or facial coverings required by parents and staff


Our Progress Promise ensures your kids can reach their personal swim goals. We track and measure your kid’s progress weekly and give them Progress Patches along the way.

You’ll also love how our swimming school in Cincinnati conducts lessons. When your children join our weekly swim classes, they’ll learn swimming essentials through story-based lessons. Our story-based curriculum will help your little swimmers stay engaged and learn during classes. It can help your kids take on more challenging depths and pick up new skills, as well.

Your Neighborhood Swim School in Cincinnati

Your Neighborhood Swim School in Cincinnati

Enroll Today, Start Tomorrow

Bear Paddle’s Cincinnati location offers swim lessons for kids all year round. Our swim school welcomes kids as young as six months. We make swimming a convenient and consistent part of your student’s routine with story-bassed lessons for each swim level. Our swim classes are taught by experienced swim coaches who are driven to help your child learn to swim safety for life.

Enrolling your children at our swim school in Cincinnati is easy, too. Pick the best day and time for your student’s lessons and we’ll let you stuck to that schedule until your student progresses, your schedule changes, or you take a break.

Meet the Team

Emilia W.

Swim School Manager

Our Location

Bear Paddle Oakley Station

3099 Disney St.
Cincinnati, OH 45209









8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Swim Lesson Programs

Swim Lessons
Swim Lessons
Swim lessons for kids that are designed to be a fun, and a convenient part of your family's weekly routine. Learn more about swim lessons for your child at Bear Paddle.
Swim Clinics
Swim Clinics
Bear Paddle Swim School holds seasonal swim clinics for children of all ages that help boost your child's swimming potential all year long! View Bear Paddles upcoming clinics
Family Swim
Family Swim
Get in the pool with your child and experience the Bear Paddle difference first hand! Bear Paddle Swim School holds dedicated Family Swim times every week.


per lesson

*Pricing applies to weekly swim lessons, and swim clinics. Family swim is  included for all enrolled families at no extra charge. If you are looking for  additional lesson and swim package options, please give us call.

Included in your weekly swim lesson pricing are:

Make-Up Lessons

Family Swim

Monthly attendance report

Progress Patches


10% Sibling Discount

Monthly 1:1 Skill Lesson

15% Retail Discount

Early Enrollment for Swim Clinics

View all swimming classes for kids that are available for immediate enrollment!

Cincinnati Families Love Us!


Kelly K.

"Bear Paddle provided such a great swim experience for my daughter. She went into swim camp apprehensive and left after 4 weeks feeling confident in the water. We will definitely be scheduling swim classes now that campus are over. We love Bear Paddle!"

Lauren M.

"My 3 year old was fearful of the water. After the one week spring break camp, she was a completely different child and loves swimming. I've continued weekly lessons and I'm amazed at the difference I see each week. The instructors also give constant feedback each week with what they are seeing in her progress and things we can do to adjust in order for her to get the best lessons."

Shannon R.

"We love Bear Paddle! Our daughter is 2 years old and is in the Teddy 1 class. She has learned so much and is well on her way to becoming a lifelong swimmer! She loves it so much; she wakes up DAILY, asking if it's "swimming class" day! The instructors are great and the facility is clean and safe. I highly recommend enrolling your child at Bear Paddle!"

Experience the bear Paddle Difference

For over a decade we have been helping children become safe and confident swimmers.
We invite you to a Complimentary Private Swim Lesson with one of our expert teachers.
Simply click below to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we ensure that you and your child are safe during each session. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued guidance that it’s safe to swim since the virus cannot spread properly in chlorinated pool water. We also enforce strict physical distancing measures and health and safety protocols to follow CDC’s health standards.

Our maintenance and cleaning team disinfects each location regularly, including but not limited to door handles, tables, floors, benches, sinks, fixtures, toilets, and diaper changing stations. Our caretakers also clean the shower stalls and changing stations after each use. We also provide hand sanitizers for all of our students. Moreover, the chlorinated water and ultraviolet filtration system offer complete protection for our customers and employees.

We have a new scheduling system to ensure that less than 50 people are inside the Bear Paddle location at any given time.

Bear Paddle tests the water chemistry of pools before, during, and after every 30-minute shift. This way, we can guarantee compliance with CDC’s guidelines. In terms of disinfection, we use chlorinated water and ultraviolet light to kill 99.99% of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Moreover, most of our pools utilize Defender Filtration systems powered with Diatomaceous Earth (DE) media. Due to these filters, we can remove particles up to one micron. For better understanding, red blood cells are approximately 5 microns, so our disinfection systems provide a safe swimming experience for you and your family.

The student-teacher ratio is 3:1 or 6:1 depending on each student’s age and proficiency level.

We try our best to accommodate families with multiple enrollees. Depending on their age and skill level, they’ll either receive a different swim buddy or get paired if our coach deems it acceptable.

We accept students as young as six-months-old. At this stage, they’ll be introduced to the Teddy Paddle and Teddy Float techniques with the help of a flotation device. If you have already decided to enroll in our swim school, you can register by visiting BearPaddle.com, calling our customer service hotline, or going to one of our locations. Schedule a class now and experience the Bear Paddle difference!