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5 Health Benefits Of Swimming Actively Year-Round

the benefits of swimming year roundWhen you think of swimming, you probably think of summer and not what are the health benefits of swimming actively year-round. And it’s true that unless you live in a very warm climate, you probably won’t want your child to swim outdoors in fall or winter. However, there are many health benefits to swimming year-round. All you need is access to an indoor pool.

Keep Your Child Actively Swimming In Winter

One of the most obvious reasons to continue swimming all year round is that we tend to get a little lazy in the winter. It’s cold, and children often would rather lie around indoors and watch TV or play video games than engage in physical activity.

However, one of the great reasons to swim, even during colder months, is that swimming is a wonderful form of aerobic activity that engages your child’s entire body. You do need to be careful about water temperature, though, since young children are more likely to suffer from hypothermia than older children and adults are.

Fortunately, we keep our saltwater pools at a comfortable 90 degrees. We also have showers and dryers on-site, so your child never needs to leave the facility wet or cold.

Maintain A Healthy Weight Is a Health Benefit Of Swimming

All those hours spent indoors during the winter can lead to your child gaining an unhealthy amount of weight. That’s concerning because according to the CDC, 18.5% of children are obese. And being overweight puts your child at risk for things like heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

Swimming all year round helps children stay fit and keeps their heart and lungs healthy and strong. Researchers have also found that swimming helps keep blood sugar in check. And since swimming burns a lot of calories, it also helps your child maintain a healthy weight.

Support Children With Injuries And Disabilities

Some children are unable to participate in high-impact sports. Swimming, however, is recognized as being helpful to those with injuries and disabilities because the water provides both resistance and support.

Children who are not able to stay active in other ways are often able to participate in swimming, and participating all year long means they have a way to stay as healthy and active as possible without causing damage to their bodies.

Improve Sleep 

Have you ever noticed how tired you feel after swimming? Your children feel the same way! The entire time they’re in the pool, their muscles are working. After using up so much energy, they’ll be ready for a nice, long rest.

Nearly 50% of children don’t get enough sleep, and that can lead to some serious health problems. Children are exposed to a lot of germs at school, and without enough sleep, they’re less likely to be able to fight off infections.

A lack of sleep is also linked to obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and mental health problems. Swimming all year round helps your children to stay active and feel sleepier at bedtime so they won’t try to stay awake all night long.

Fight The Winter Blues

As the days get shorter and nights get longer, many people begin to feel depressed. That’s no different for children. A significant number of children suffer from mental health disorders, and those often worsen in the winter.

Swimming all year round will help your child’s endorphins stay elevated, which boosts their mood. They’ll also have social interaction with peers, and swimming increases confidence, too. Plus, since swimming helps your children stay fit, they’re also less likely to feel self-conscious.

Swimming is a great exercise for the mind and body. You can help your children stay physically and mentally healthy by enrolling them in swim lessons all year long. Ready to sign up? Contact us here.

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