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Benefits of Baby Swimming Lessons

Why Baby Swimming Lessons Will Change Your Child’s Life

Swimming lessons are about much more than just raising your child to potentially become an Olympic athlete. Familiarity with water early in life reduces the stress your little one may feel in the bathtub or at the pool.

Here are a few of the ways that baby swimming lessons can change your child’s life for the better:

More Adventuresome

In the womb, babies are surrounded by fluid. They are familiar with the ebb and flow of the fluid in movement. During infant swim lessons they are reintroduced to this sensation in a controlled environment.

They don’t have any reason to fear the water at this age. Instead, it seems perfectly natural to them, and they can feel free to explore the world around them as they splash and play.

Hold Your Breath!

One challenge that many parents face with their young ones is difficulty getting them to put their heads under water, either while swimming or while taking a bath. The sensation of having water cover their faces can be frightening and uncomfortable.

Baby swimming classes teach children how to close their eyes and mouth until it’s safe to open them and breathe again. In these special lessons there is plenty of splashing and opportunities for your child to get used to holding their breath and closing their eyes with you by their side.

Safety First

The importance of water safety cannot be overstated. Every year children are injured around pools because of unsafe practices. In addition, many children are never taught to avoid water without an adult present. Children who grow up in the water have a greater understanding of water safety, as well as more skills and resources available to recover if they fall in.
By teaching babies how to float on their own, they will be equipped to keep themselves above water while moving towards a safe place. You might be amazed at how early your baby can learn the float-swim-float method!

Physical and Mental Benefits

Don’t forget that swimming is a great form of exercise, both physically and mentally. Babies who learn to swim learn how to coordinate motor skills while building endurance and strength. This results in greater physical and mental development that stays with them as long as they keep practicing!

Starting early is the best way to transition your baby into swimming lessons. However, children of any age can benefit from swimming lessons. The sooner you begin, the sooner your child can start learning to love the water and all the joys of swimming!

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