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The Benefits of Teddy Classes

Why take Teddy Bear Introduction Classes?
Bear Paddle Swim School’s infant swim lessons begin at six months old and teach students how to have fun, be safe, and enjoy the water with their parents. Students learn two major skills in the Teddy Bear Introduction class: the Teddy Paddle and the Teddy Float.

How can Teddy Bear Introduction classes save my child’s life?
The first skill students learn in the Teddy Bear Introduction class is the Teddy Paddle. The Teddy Paddle focuses on scooping hands, kicking feet, and blowing bubbles while using flotation and parent assistance. By learning how to propel themselves through the water, students can swim to safety in an emergency situation when solid land is within reach.

What if solid land is too far away?
The Teddy Float patch teaches students how to float on their back. This life-saving skill allows students to breathe when land is too far away to reach with the Teddy Paddle. Students who are able to float on their backs can cry to attract attention in an emergency situation.

What is a Humpty Dumpty?
Humpty Dumpties are a Bear Paddle Safety Skill. When practicing a Humpty Dumpty, students sit up on a pool wall, and a parent guide them into the pool to mimic the feeling of falling. Parents then turn the student around towards the wall and assist them in climbing out of the pool. Practicing this skill helps students remain calm if they were ever to fall into a body of water, and teaches them to climb out if they ever fall in unexpectedly.

How do I sign up?
Check out our Teddy Bear Introduction classes here. You can call for a free trial swim lesson at any location at any time!

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