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Breaststroke Progression

Breaststroke is regarded as one of the most difficult swimming strokes to learn. The timing of the Breaststroke kick also known as the “whip kick” can be a challenge. Patience is needed to learn the Breaststroke kick, but once mastered it is very powerful. Our Bear Paddle Team has some great techniques for teaching the Breaststroke.

Kid Breaststroke also taught as “pizza arms” enters the Bear Paddle curriculum in the early stages. Kid Breaststroke combines Breaststroke arms with flutter kicks for swimming on the surface and underwater. Many top caliber swimmers and coaches use Kid Breaststroke as a training tool to focus on the Breaststroke arm motion for speed and repetition.

Junior Breaststroke re-enforces everything Kid Breaststroke promotes with the addition of the “flip breath.” Junior Breaststroke teaches students how to swim both on the surface and underwater with the flip breath for recovery. The flip breath appears throughout the Bear Paddle curriculum as a means of training sustainable recovery for students.

Breaststroke is taught in the most advanced levels at Bear Paddle. The complexity of the complete stroke requires a high level of commitment and skill for young swimmers. Once mastered there is a graceful quality to the stroke that is fun to both watch and to swim.

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