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Dance Game Ideas To Keep Kids Active During The Winter

Dance Game Ideas To Keep Kids ActivKeeping children active when they are stuck indoors can be challenging, but one thing the human species has appreciated throughout time is dance. Chances are good that your children love to dance, so that may be a wonderful way to get them moving.

Sometimes, children still need extra motivation, though. Games are excellent for capturing a child’s interest. Here are some dance game ideas you can use to keep your kids active during the winter.

Emoji Expressions

Kids see emojis on everything now, and there’s a good chance they’ll find them engaging. Try printing out various emojis and choose songs that go along with each. Hold each emoji up in turn and have the children dance in ways they feel express the emotion in the picture.

They’ll have fun with the variety of different songs and dance moves they come up with. Plus, it’s a good outlet during stressful times that will help them connect with and express their own feelings.

Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance is another game that will keep kids moving, and keep them on their toes. One person needs to be in charge of playing and stopping the music. When the music starts, everyone dances, and when it stops, players need to freeze in place until it starts again. Anyone moving is out.

Children love seeing the silly positions the players freeze in, and you’re sure to hear lots of giggles. That aspect alone will keep children entertained and active for a long time.


This game will challenge your children’s minds as well as keeping them physically active. One player starts by showing the others a dance move. The next player has to copy that move and add a new one. This continues down the line. Anyone who forgets a step is out.

Challenge your family to see who can go the longest or how many steps the entire family can add. Maybe you can even record the game so your children can show others the dance their family created.


You’ve probably played Limbo at some point, and chances are your children will enjoy it, too. You’ll need a pole of some sort. This can be anything from a mop or broom to a board you have sitting in your garage.

Two people will need to hold the pole, or if you don’t have enough people, you can improvise and place it across furniture with stacks of books, etc. Turn on the music and have each person go under the pole by leaning backwards. If they touch it, they’re out.

After all the players have gone under the pole, lower it a small amount, and repeat the process until only one person is left. That player is the limbo champion!

Dance Off

Nothing gets children excited like a dance off. There’s a good possibility that they’ve seen dance-offs in their favorite shows or movies. Why not let them try it out for themselves?

Two players start by each performing their own dance. Parents can decide the winner, or you can let your children take turns being the judge. Then, the next pair dances, and so on. The winners from each pair dance against each other until one final winner is chosen.

Alternatively, have your children divide into teams and each team can compete against each other. Parents can join in, too, or you can have teams of parents against children and let an outside party decide the winner. It’s sure to be loads of fun!

When the winter blues hit, dancing is an excellent way to release endorphins and give your children a pick-me-up. What’s better than staying active and having fun at the same time?

Next time you feel your children could use a little more activity, try out some of these dance game ideas or create your own. Stay active, stay well, and we hope to see all our students back at Bear Paddle Swim School in the future.

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