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"Flip To Breathe" Teaching Children How To Swim The Bear Paddle Way

flip to breathe the bear paddle swim school wayBear Paddle’s mission is to build safer swimmers by teaching children how to swim. Learning water safety skills at a young age is crucial as children are exposed to water every day, no matter where they live. Level 3 – Flip to Breathe prepares infants and toddlers with the ability to perform life-saving skills needed to survive in a water emergency. Students will master Kid Freestyle, Junior Breaststroke, and Humpty Dumpty with Breath.

Learning Kid’s Freestyle

The Kid Freestyle teaches the swimmer paddling and kicking on tummy, and flip to breathe. The Junior Breaststroke positions the arms together and extended in front of head. Then, sweeping back in a circular motion with kicking, and flipping to breathe. By learning how to propel themselves through the water, students can swim to safety in an emergency situation.

Humpty Dumpty With Breath

Lastly, the Humpty Dumpty with Breath skill is where the swimmer will fall into pool, flip to breathe, swim to the wall and perform a Tummy Pool Exit. When teaching children how to swim practicing a Humpty Dumpty is important. Students will sit up on a pool wall, and a parent guides them into the pool to mimic the feeling of falling. Parents then turn the student around towards the wall and assist them in climbing out of the pool. Practicing this skill helps students remain calm if they were ever to fall in a body of water. This in turn, teaches them to climb out if they ever fall in unexpectedly.

Water Emergencies

Water emergencies can happen in a matter of seconds. Therefore, it is important when teaching children how to swim for your child to be as equipped as possible. These three skills are crucial to a child’s safe recovery should a water emergency occur. Learn more about our Teddy Program and sign up for a free Welcome Class today!

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