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Four Good Reasons To Enroll Your Infant In Swim Lessons

When you think of swim lessons, you may not picture infants, but enrolling your infant in swim lessons is an excellent idea. Swim lessons provide many of the same benefits to infants that they do to older children.

Your baby will learn to be comfortable in the water, and there is evidence that taking swim lessons at an early age increases the likelihood that your child will survive if he or she ever accidentally falls into the water.

1. Survivability

Our number one concern as parents is to make sure that our children are safe. We often worry about things like kidnapping or SIDS, but we may underestimate the danger drowning poses to our children. In fact, drowning is second only to congenital anomalies in fatalities among children ages one to four. And most of those drownings occur in home swimming pools.

When your children are swimming being supervised around water at all times is the most important safety aspect. The best way is to have designated adults monitor the pool during parties to keep accidents from occurring. However, the reality is accidents do happen. Your child has a better chance of surviving if he or she has been taught the fundamental swimming skills.

At Bear Paddle Swim School, we believe that learning water safety skills at a young age is critical because children are exposed to water every day, from bathtubs and ponds to pools, lakes, and oceans. Our infant swim lessons teach children to be comfortable in the water and include flip to breathe, which we believe is the minimum skill every person should achieve.

Parents are expected to participate in infant swim lessons, and we will educate you on the best teaching methods, safe habits, and skill development for your child. You can feel confident knowing that you’re making every effort to ensure your child is safe around the water.

2. Give Their Brains A Boost

While survivability is the single most important reason to enroll your infant in swim lessons, there are other great benefits, too! Your infant needs to use both sides of his or her body while swimming, and that means that both sides of the brain are in communication.

As your child swims, neurons are created that improve communication and feedback between the brain’s hemispheres. Later on, that may help your child with reading, speaking, and learning.

3. Muscle Up

When your child is swimming it engages all of their muscles. This helps when it’s time for your baby to sit up, crawl, stand, and walk. It also helps with coordination, which your baby will appreciate during those first steps.

Not only are your child’s muscles on the outside that are strengthened, though. Swimming is an aerobic exercise, so your baby’s heart and lungs will benefit, too.

4. Good Family Fun

Swim lessons are a great way to bond with your infant. You’ll be directly involved in the lessons, your baby will receive lots of cuddles and individual attention. If you have multiple children, it’s a great chance to give your baby some one-on-one time, since lessons require your undivided attention.

Your baby is sure to enjoy the skin-to-skin contact involved in lessons and will soak up the praise you give in the pool. Plus, the whole family can enjoy our family swim. It’s a wonderful way to spend time as a family and keep your kids active.

Teaching children to be comfortable and safe around the water should begin as early as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about how your infant could benefit from swim lessons, or you’re ready to enroll, contact us today.

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