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10 Fun & Exciting Water Activities For Kids

It can be challenging to keep your little ones entertained all spring and summer. The excitement of being outside and increasing temperatures mean the heat is on. Finding activities that keep them cool is a must. 

This is where playing with water comes in! 

Benefits of Water Play for Kids

Water activities for kids offer more than just fun. It helps support your child’s physical fitness and development such as their motor skills, core strength, balance. These are evident through water-based activities, such as swimming, running through sprinklers, and carrying buckets of water. 

Other more understated physical benefits include hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills through activities like pouring water from water buckets and squeezing water toys. 

Water activities also serve to stimulate kids’ imagination and creativity. Kids can let their imagination run free as they engage their creativity with water activities. For example, a tub or swimming pool can turn into a playground where anything goes. 

When kids play together in the water, working together is also a must. There are plenty of water-based activities where they can share ideas and resources, cooperate to achieve a goal, and learn new ideas. 

This is how kids can build their social interaction and emotional development. Kids are able to learn how to interact with others their age, create unforgettable memories, and build lasting friendships. 

Problem-solving skills and science-based learning are also improved, which adds to their cognitive development. Through various activities, kids can learn more about the properties of water, density and buoyancy, and many more. 

8 Water-Based Activities To Try This Summer

From kids to adults, everyone can relish water games and outdoor fun. Dive into these easy-to-set-up, educational summer activities, blending joy and learning at home.

Water Balloons 

Water balloon play is the quintessential summer activity that’s suitable for all ages. It doesn’t take much to start. All you need to do is fill balloons with water. 

Pair kids together, toss the balloons, and gradually step back, challenging each other for the most catches or the driest outcome.


Transform your backyard into a water wonderland with a DIY slip and slide. Lay down a sturdy plastic tarp or a large plastic tablecloth, anchor it securely, add a gentle stream of water, and a touch of soap for a slippery ride. 

This simple setup guarantees endless laughter as kids slide and glide, fostering physical activity and coordination.

Ice Excavation

Ignite your child’s inner explorer by freezing small plastic toys in a bowl of water. Once frozen, set the ice block free and let the young archaeologists chip away with toy hammers to uncover hidden treasures. This hands-on activity not only provides sensory fun but also promotes fine motor skills and patience

Fill the Bucket 

Teamwork takes center stage in this game. Divide into teams, pass water-soaked sponges or cups down the line, and aim to fill a bucket balanced on a participant’s head. It’s a fantastic way to teach cooperation, communication, and quick thinking, while keeping everyone cool and engaged.

Pool Treasure Hunt 

Dive into a pool filled with treasures! Inflate a kiddie pool, toss in plastic animals, or even “gold” coins, and invite little ones to scoop and discover. This exciting activity refines hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, and sensory exploration while adding a splash of adventure to their summer days.

Beach Ball Fight 

Combine beach balls and squirt guns for an action-packed challenge. Use the water jets to keep beach balls afloat or create a thrilling race to a finish line. 

This dynamic duo of beach balls and water guns fosters gross motor skills, coordination, and friendly competition, guaranteeing hours of thrilling outdoor play.

Water Limbo 

Elevate traditional limbo with a watery twist. A hose sprays water horizontally, becoming the bar to duck under. 

Test flexibility and balance as participants attempt to limbo lower without catching a splash. It’s a refreshing take on a classic game that enhances motor skills, body awareness, and laughter.

Water Bottle Flip

Master the art of the water bottle flip challenge. Fill an empty bottle with water, attempt to flip it upright, and watch as it lands. 

Create a friendly competition with friends or family, challenging each other to achieve the most flips within a time frame. This entertaining endeavor sharpens hand-eye coordination, patience, and determination.

These engaging water activities for kids ensure a season filled with joy, learning, and unforgettable memories, nurturing children’s physical, cognitive, and social development in playful ways.

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