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Group Vs. Private Swim Lessons for Kids: Finding the Right Class for Your Kid

When searching for suitable swimming classes for your children, class size is one of the most important factors you must consider. The number of kids present in one lesson can heavily impact the learning experience of your child. Most swimming lessons for toddlers come in two class sizes; group sessions and one-on-one or private sessions.

While both varieties teach students fundamental swimming skills, they have distinct differences that can affect your kid’s overall learning experience. 

Group vs. Private lessons: Exploring the Differences

We’ve compared group vs. private swim lessons to demonstrate their differences and the advantages they offer to help you choose the best class for your child. 

Group swim lessons for kids

Group sessions come in different sizes, and the overall flexibility of the lessons heavily depends on your provider. Sometimes, group lessons are only composed of two to three students per instructor. But typically, most of these teaching sessions include a class size of 4-5. 

If you want to help your children improve their social skills, opt for this swimming class. Aside from learning valuable water safety skills, their kid gets the chance to develop practical social skills like following instructions and waiting for their turns. 

Additionally, most group swimming lessons are slower-paced, and kids can have fun and learn how to swim at their own pace. Finally, having other children learning around them pushes them to work harder during their lessons. Seeing their classmates succeed in mastering techniques inspires them to do well on their own and teaches them camaraderie when learning.

It’s the perfect class for children who would benefit from peer encouragement and social interaction. One disadvantage to group lessons is that it doesn’t guarantee students receive an instructor’s undivided attention. If that’s what you’re looking for, private swimming lessons might be more appropriate. 

Private swim lessons for kids

Unlike its group counterpart, private swim lessons for kids don’t offer their students the same advantage of social interactions. But they do ensure one-on-one learning with a certified swim instructor. Private lessons are an excellent option if you think your child needs a learning environment with more focused attention and care. 

For instance, kids with water anxiety can lag behind their peers in group sessions. The parent works with the coach to help them overcome their fear of water before they can genuinely learn techniques. But with private lessons, they can take all the time they need to overcome their water anxiety without falling behind in their studies. 

And now that the instructor can dedicate their attention solely to one student, your child’s progress will significantly improve. They’ll learn faster, and their skills will be more honed with a private instructor. Additionally, private classes provide parents with more flexibility in terms of schedules. 

Whether you choose group lessons or private lessons, the experience will be roughly 30 minutes.  While private classes allow parents to customize their children’s learning environment, it comes with a heavier price tag. This type of swimming class is usually double the cost of a group lesson. 

What to Look for in a Swim School

Aside from the kind of swimming classes for toddlers they offer, there are five other factors to consider when choosing the best swim school for your child. 

Well-rounded Curricula

Your chosen swim program must be comprehensive and include lectures that tackle other crucial skills like balance, injury prevention, and strength training. All the requirements that make up a good swimmer should be addressed by their curriculum, from water safety skills to speed training.

Certified Instructors

An excellent swim school hires only trained and certified instructors. They should be qualified to teach swimming classes for children and should be able to respond to emergencies. While it’s true that most swim schools have their very own certified lifeguards observing their lessons, their instructors should still be able to conduct first-aid measures during accidents.

Age Groups and Skill Levels

Aside from the two main categories of swimming classes for children, programs come in different age groups and skill levels. For instance, there are group and private lessons for infants as well as toddler and preschool age groups so they can grow and learn in the water. Additionally, there are programs for older children with intermediate to advanced swimming skills. 

Your chosen swim school should have programs matching your child’s age and skill level. Finally, their facilities should also include pools meant for different age groups. For example, there should be shallow pools for infants and toddlers, and conversely, they should have deeper pools for advanced swimming classes. 

Enroll Your Kid in Life-saving Swimming Classes for Toddlers

With the proper swimming lessons, you can teach your kids valuable life skills that will help them become well-rounded individuals as they grow older. As a trusted swim school, Bear Paddle offers group and private lessons for kids of all ages. 

Our Paddle Plus package offers students a combination of both group and individual sessions. With our program, students get one weekly swim lesson per month and one private session wherein our certified instructors focus on honing their skills.

For more information on BearPaddle’s swimming programs, visit our website here.

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