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How Long Should My Child Take Lessons?

How Long Should Your Child Stay Enrolled in Swimming Lessons?

While basic water safety skills are a must-have for children of any age, you may be wondering how long you should keep your children enrolled in swimming classes.

After your children learn to swim with several different techniques, there are still numerous reasons to keep them enrolled. The best advice is to keep your child enrolled as long as possible so that they can get the most of these benefits before they move into other sports.


In the digital age, it is hard to get our kids outside and playing to get enough exercise. Swimming is a fun way to get them to engage without feeling like they are being forced to work out. It is also one of the best ways to keep cool in the summer. Swimming lessons for kids get them away from video games and computers and get them moving, splashing and playing.

Advanced Skills

You may feel confident in your child’s swimming abilities after only a few quick lessons, but in reality, there are plenty of advanced skills that could make a difference in a dangerous situation. Being able to switch between swimming techniques in the water is an important means of resting tired muscles and staying afloat.

Competitive Opportunities

The longer your child participates in children’s swim lessons, the more chances they have to participate in team and individual competitions. If you’re looking for a good way to get your kid into a competitive sport where they can build teamwork skills and learn about the importance of perseverance, swimming lessons are a great way to get there.

Of course, you will need to assess your child’s confidence and natural abilities in the water to determine if competitive swimming is right for them, as well as their interest in competing long term.

Remember, there is no time limit for how long your child should stay enrolled. At the very least, they should have mastered the basic skills necessary for survival in an unexpected situation.

However, the longer you keep them enrolled, the better they will master these skills, and the more utility they will gain from learning advanced strokes. Pulling your child out too early could mean that they’ll forget everything they learned before they are even old enough to be swimming on their own.

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