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How You Can Help Your Child Master The Fundamentals Of Swimming

As with all activities your child attempts, your unconditional support is necessary for your child when he or she is learning to swim. Here’s how you can help your child master the fundamentals of swimming.

Learning to swim is a journey, and you can help your child at every step of the way. No matter where your child is in his or her swimming journey, your involvement will help your child master the fundamentals of swimming needed for success.

Babies and Toddlers

If you have a very young child, the first thing you can do to help is get your infant used to water. Play in the bathtub. Show your child how to splash. Make the time you spend in water fun.

Swimming lessons will begin with getting children comfortable in the water and helping them learn to float on their backs. As children progress, learning to swim to the edge of the pool and pull themselves up and out of the water is a vital skill.

We believe the minimum skill every person should achieve, regardless of age, is flip to breathe. Parents are always involved in classes with our youngest swimmers, so your child’s instructor will educate you on safe habits and skill development that you can practice at home.

Make Swimming A Family Activity

Swim lessons are very beneficial for your child, but the more your child gets to practice the skills he or she has learned, the more quickly those skills will be mastered. Set aside time to swim as a family. It’s a great way to spend time together, and it gives your children a chance to practice the strokes they are learning.

We offer Family Swim and encourage parents to take advantage of it.  Your whole family can enjoy our warm saltwater pool and practice swimming in a fun environment with family and friends. Since each family swim lasts two hours, if your child uses the entire time, that’s equivalent to a month of swim lessons!

Bring On The Fun

Instruction that is combined with play is more effective than instruction alone.  Researchers are beginning to understand the benefits of play-based learning . Why not put that to use in your family swim time?

Incorporating games into your family swim is a great way to help your child master the fundamentals of swimming. Odds are your children will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize they’re practicing.

Some of the best pool games you can play only rrequire one child and adult. Others can involve a whole pool full of people. If your child doesn’t have siblings, why not get a game of Marco Polo or Sharks and Minnows going? This can be a fun way next time you’re at a pool party. Have you thought to participate in Family Swim here at Bear Paddle Swim School?

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Consider Competition

As your child becomes more proficient, you may want to consider competitive swimming. We offer several different swim levels that will teach your child competitive swim techniques in a mild practice environment.

Your child will learn competitive turns, sculling, and have the chance to participate in competitive sets. This allows for the continued development of swim technique and fitness.

Regardless of what level or age your children begin their swim journey, your participation will help them master the fundamentals of swimming. Encourage and support your children every step of the way. No matter if it’s the first time they’re blowing bubbles or their 10th competition.

When you enroll your child in swim lessons and help them practice their skills, you’re fostering a lifelong love of swimming. More importantly, the skills your child learns now may save his or her life someday. If you’d like more information about how you can help your child master the fundamentals of swimming, contact us today.

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