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Kids Love These Fun Pool Games

Summer is here and it’s time to break out the pool toys and games. This year, keep your kids entertained and exercising by trying out some of these awesome swimming pool games that are great for all ages!

Marco Polo

This is a classic game that teaches your children to move quickly in the water. One person shouts “Marco” with their eyes closed, and the rest shout “Polo.” The child who is “it” tries to tag someone who yelled “Polo.” Then the tagged person becomes “it.”

Hungry Whale

Similar to Marco Polo, this game is useful for teaching children to float and to transition between swimming techniques. Whoever is the Hungry Whale floats on their back. All of the other children form a circle around them. When the whale chooses, they shout “Hungry Whale” and everyone scatters! The “Whale” sets to chasing its next “meal.”

Humpty Dumpty

Geared toward toddlers, you can set your little one on the edge of the pool and let them tip back and forth to the tune of ‘‘Humpty Dumpty.’’ When they fall into the water, you can catch them. This helps build confidence as they are first learning to get wet and jump in.

Basketball and Volleyball

Basketball and volleyball are great games to play in the pool, especially at pool parties. You can create teams and face off, or you can enjoy alternative games like H-O-R-S-E to test your skills. By focusing on the ball, your kids will actually begin to practice their swimming skills intuitively.

Scavenger Hunts

There are tons of diving toys available that are perfect for swimming pool games. Toss a selection of different items into the pool and give each child their own list of items to pick up. This enhances their diving skills and can even include fun prizes!


Give one person a pool noodle and let everyone else spread out in front of him or her. Everyone will go underwater and begin bobbing up and down at random intervals. The Whacker tries to bop them on the head before they go back underwater until he eliminates all of the moles. This is great practice for holding your breath!


Mermaid and duck races are always fun. Give each kid a rubber duck to push ahead of them from one end of the pool to the other, or set them up to race underwater. Give out prize ribbons to the fastest swimmers!

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