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Swimming Consistently

Swimming Consistently Helps Build Endurance!

Swimming is a highly physical activity that uses all the muscles in the body at once. It can be exhausting to swim 30 minutes at a time, and yet swimmers can, with practice, swim long distances without stopping. How?

Endurance Builds with Practice

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect, but practice also builds cardiovascular endurance and allows students to perform skills correctly over longer distances. By consistently coming to swim lessons at least once a week, students are able to hold their breath longer, kick harder, and complete skills quicker.

Why Does My Beginner Student Need Endurance?

Endurance is just as important for students who haven’t mastered the foundational skills in Levels 1, 2, or 3. If a student can’t hold their breath while their face is in the water, has trouble kicking to propel themselves, or can’t pull themselves out of the water at the end of a lesson, they have a much more difficult time mastering skills that Bear Paddle Swim Schools build on. With exhaustion comes poor technique; the best way to practice skills the right way is repetition.

How Can My Student Build Endurance Quickly?

Coming to swim lessons consistently is a great way to build endurance! If your student wants to progress even faster, Bear Paddle Swim School offers discounted lessons for the second swim each week. Swim camps are offered in the summer, and combine two months of lessons into two weeks! By swimming multiple times a week, your student can master skills faster and become a healthier, more confident swimmer.

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