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Taking Your Baby Swimming: What to Wear

Infants can learn how to swim as early as six months old. As a parent, it’s understandable to feel hesitant about letting your children into a pool. But with the proper swimming attire and knowledge of water safety precautions, you can help keep them safe and comfortable in the water.

Read on to find out what babies need to wear when you take them swimming, along with some tips to ensure pool safety for infants.

What Do Babies Wear in the Pool?

Besides some baby swimming essentials you should bring, such as towels, extra clothes for after swimming, snacks, and small toys, you should also pack the right swimwear for them.

So, what do infants wear in the pool? Here’s what you need to include with your baby’s swimming gear.

Baby Rashguard

Most pools for children’s swim lessons are kept at a comfortably warm temperature, similar to a bath. This gives you the flexibility of choosing what your child should wear! If they are not taking lessons in a heated pool, it’s a great idea to make sure they have long sleeves.

Rash guards are more form-fitting and lighter on the body. If you’re heading to the beach, rash guards can also help protect your child’s skin (most are now made with UPF protection) and keep sand or foreign objects from scratching their from their body.

Swim Diaper

If your child isn’t potty-trained yet, swim diapers can guard against leaks. These will also protect your baby from taking on water or moving too much. Not all swim diapers can hold urine, but they can prevent feces from mixing with the pool water.

It’s best to have your child in both a reusable and disposable swim diaper to double-protect against accidents in the water.

Life Jacket

Life jackets are essential for first-time swimmers who are still nervous in the water. They’re designed to keep your child afloat and prevent the risk of drowning by automatically turning them into a face-up position, keeping the nostrils and mouth clear of water.

While these won’t be used during your child’s swim lessons, they are helpful to use recreationally during Family Swim, at the beach, or at a friend’s pool.

Swim Goggles

The chlorine in the swimming pool may irritate young swimmers’ eyes. By wearing swim goggles, you can protect their eyes from these chemicals. 

Goggles can also help them see clearly while navigating the water. However, it’s also best to train them without goggles to get used to the sensation of water in their eyes. That’s why you typically won’t see swim goggles in group swim lessons. The ability to swim without goggles is important to help train your child in the even of a water emergency. 

Water Shoes

Babies have soft feet that can get easily scratched or bruised by rocky shores or sharp edges, so it’s best to let them wear water shoes while swimming. These will protect their soles and give them a grip on slippery surfaces. 

Waterproof Sunscreen

Baby skin is sensitive, so use a waterproof sunscreen free of parabens and harsh chemicals, especially when swimming outdoors. This will give them enough UV protection while keeping them cool and protected from the sun’s heat and harsh rays. 

Tips to Ensure Water Safety for Infants

You can keep your children safe in the water by ensuring that they wear proper swimming attire and that you’re closely watching over them. Below are some pool safety precautions you need to keep in mind:

Stay in Shallow Water

Keep infants away from the deep part of the pool. If other kids are around, ensure you can always see your baby clearly if other kids are near them. A “zero second rule” is great to have in place, and ensures your child is always in view while in the water.

Learn Basic Water Survival Skills

If you’re the supervising adult, you should also know basic water survival skills to keep you and your kid safe in the water. It helps to take family swim lessons with your children so you can keep track of their progress and learn alongside them.

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