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The Best Advice For New Bear Paddle Families

learning how to swimWe asked some of our expert Bear Paddle parents on advice they have to offer to both new Bear Paddle families, as well as to those considering swim lessons for their child.

Ursula, Lake In The Hills, IL: “Get your kids in the water as soon as they turn 6-months-old, don’t wait until they are a year old. They need socialization with other kids and the adjustment to the water early.”

Lauren, Orland Park, IL: “Jackson just goes to the beat of his own drum. He knows when he’s ready to do something and not be scared. He hated to float on his back, but then just out of the blue, he decided he was going to float on his own. Don’t put a lot of pressure on your kid. Let them be kids, and have fun!”

Claire, Aurora, IL: “Putting your kid underwater for the first time can be scary, but the more you do it, the more comfortable you as a parent will feel. If you show your fear, your child will pick up on it and they won’t want to go under. Just celebrate and genuinely be proud of your kids for any little milestone they have while swimming. If they sense you are happy and proud, they will be more willing to try new skills.”

Liz, Oakley Station, OH: “Get your child into lessons as soon as possible. If lessons aren’t an option at the time, get them into a pool consistently. If you can do lessons, listen to everything that the coach has to say and then do it.”

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