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This Week At Bear Paddle Swim School August 23

Featured Teacher

Name: Brianna S.
Location: Orland Park, IL
Three Words To Describe Me: Fun, Disney, Kid
What Is Your Swim Story? I went swimming with the dolphins on my first Disney Cruise to the Bahamas!
What Is Your Favorite Part About Working At Bear Paddle? Seeing and hearing everyone’s swim story and how we have helped their confidence in the water! I know everyday will be different and full of fun, smiles, and learning!


Refer-A-Friend New Special!

Swimming is more fun with friends! Refer-A-Friend to Bear Paddle, each family gets a $25 Gift Card! Share the live-saving skill of swimming with a friend today!

Don’t Eat And Swim

It’s good to fuel up before any activity. If you have a meal or a snack before you go swimming, make sure to wait at least 30 minutes before getting in the water. Good swimming takes hard work and you want to make sure your body is focused on your strokes.

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