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What is the Best Age to Start Swimming Lessons for Kids: What You Should Know

Swimming is always fun and exciting, especially for first-time parents and curious kids. However, not all kids are ready for the water from the get-go. They might get scared too easily with the idea of swimming or getting into the water, especially if they’re too young to swim on their own. This is why knowing the best age to start your kid’s swimming lessons is essential so that they can enjoy swimming and being in the water with you and your friends.

What is a good age to start swimming lessons?

Though there’s no definite answer to what age your kid should start swim lessons, recent studies have revealed that children should learn how to swim as early as possible. These classes will help them improve their balance, coordination, and cognitive functions.

A Griffith University study found that kids who can swim have the edge over their peers. The study assessed over 7,000 children at various age levels. The results showed that young swimmers were better at math and had better cognitive and verbal skills. Swimming is also a life-saving skill that kids can benefit from throughout their lives.

So, how can parents tell if their kid is ready to attend swimming classes? Here are two main questions that you should answer to find out!

Is there a class appropriate for their age?

While some kids learn and mature faster than others, the specific age for kids to start swim lesson varies. This is why there are now numerous swim classes that tackle specific age groups and focus on particular skills and lessons.

For instance, infant aquatic programs engage parents to play and learn in the water together with their babies. At this stage, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) doesn’t recommend actual swimming techniques because infants have yet to develop the breathing skills needed for swimming. So instead of teaching techniques, baby swimming lessons focus on building comfort in the water, teaching different floating courses critical for survival in water safety.

Is your child mature enough to follow instructions?

Maturity is another factor you must consider when enrolling your child in swimming classes. Children under three often find it difficult to listen or follow simple instructions, so we require parents to be in the water with them during lessons. By the age of four, they should be able to follow complex instructions from a swim teacher on their own. 

Children who find attentiveness and obedience difficult are more likely to benefit from private lessons than group classes. These one-on-one sessions can help them focus more on learning instead of having their attention divided towards other kids in class. This also lets them be more comfortable with their instructor and slowly transition to group classes once they’re ready.

By considering these two things, you should be able to find the appropriate classes for the needs and wants of your kid!

What to Expect From Your Kid’s Swimming Classes

As mentioned earlier, the lessons taught in swimming classes differ from one age group to another. Below are some skill and age-specific classes that you can enroll your child in so they can learn how to swim properly while in a fun and engaging environment.

Infant Swim Lessons 

Parents who enroll their babies in swimming lessons for infants will join the instructor and their kids in the water. Since babies have yet to develop the skills to control their breathing while underwater, the classes will revolve around acclimating infants to the water and teaching them how to float correctly. These classes for babies are also an excellent way for parents to bond with their babies while introducing swimming to them. These classes start as young as six months.

Toddler Classes

Toddler lessons are like baby swimming classes since they require the participation of both the parents and the student to learn water safety skills. These classes step it up a notch by teaching kids swimming fundamentals they will bring with them as they know more about swimming. 

Swimming lessons for older kids

Their group class will focus on more formal swim techniques if your kid is at least four years old. This is when they learn specific swim strokes while also polishing what they’ve learned so far. 

Practice Fun Pool Safety

Knowing how to swim is an essential skill that anyone should know, especially kids. It will help them keep themselves safe as they explore the water, and it’s also a great hobby that sharpens their athletic skills and confidence! Plus, it’s a fun activity for the whole family.

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