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11 Reasons Why We Love Summer Swim Clinics

Being passionate about learning to swim is one thing, but being diligent and tracking against it is another. That’s why we provide every student with a monthly in-water skill assessment, monthly progress report, and Progress Patches to reward their success month after month! We also double down on your child’s opportunity to master swim skills in peak water season. From June through August, we offer weekly Swim Clinics providing daily swim lessons for your child to learn anything from getting comfortable in the water to mastering their dolphin kick for the butterfly.

Swim Clinics are great for children of all ages, and the repetitiveness of daily lessons not only gives your child a month’s worth of lessons in less than a week, they also provide them with a great chance at building muscle memory. But don’t just take our word for it, we asked each of our Swim School Managers to tell us why they love Summer Clinics!

Why We Love Summer Swim Clinics

Every clinic provides two month’s of swim lessons in just two weeks. -Marlton, NJ

The progress we see each child make in a clinic is completely unique. Some overcome a hurdle with a skill they’ve been working on, others graduate a level. It’s so fun to see! -Woodridge, IL

The kids are so excited to come every day and see their teachers versus just coming once a week. – Mason, OH

I’ve seen some students sign up for all five clinics. They start the first clinic as a Level One, and by the end of the summer they’ve reached Level Five! – Florence, KY

The relationship built with our swim teachers and staff is so heartwarming. Plus we get to see these sweet kids even more throughout the summer! -Aurora, IL

Instant gratification. At the end of each clinic, 90% of kids earn a patch they get to take home, and every kid receives a progress report summarizing what they learned in clinic! – Bloomingdale, IL

If a family is limited on time in the summer, they can maximize pool and lesson time with even just one clinic. – Oakley Station, OH

We know there’s tons of sports in the summer and schedules can be crazy, so clinics provide families the flexibility to swim more in a shorter amount of time while still doing baseball or soccer. -Louisville, KY

For kids who are interested in a swim team or competitive swimming, a clinic closely resembles a swim team-like frequency, helping them get used to that schedule early on. -Turnersville, NJ

For beginners, especially Level one students, this is the best way to jump start their progress. The frequency is key here and helps them get comfortable in the water quickly. – Lake in the Hills, IL

Repetition, repetition, repetition. Constant practice dramatically cuts down time to mastery. Swimming more frequently means less overall total classes are needed because muscle memory is built faster. – Orland Park, IL


If you’re interested in getting started with a Swim Clinic, you can view our schedule here. Each clinic is two-weeks long providing daily swim lesson Monday through Thursday. Each clinic is $260, and provides your child with expedited progress in peak water season. Summer Clinics are a great summer activity for kids, and provide your child with the best way to learn to swim.

  • Clinic A: June 5-8 & 12-15 (not available in new Jersey)
  • Clinic B: June 19-15 & 26-29
  • Clinic C: July 5-6 & 10-13
  • Clinic D: July 17-20 & 24-27
  • Clinic E: July 31-August 3 & August 7-10
  • Clinic F: August 14-17 & 21-24 (available only in New Jersey)
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