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Infant Survival Swim Lessons: Why Swimming is More Important Than You Think

Infant swimming lessons have become more popular than ever over the years, and for a good reason. The American Academy of Pediatrics claims that swimming lessons help reduce the risk of water-related incidents among infants and toddlers. 

As a result, they encourage parents to introduce swimming to their children as early as possible, like enrolling them in survival swim lessons for toddlers

This article will explore what sets baby survival swim lessons apart from traditional classes and how parents like yourself can find the perfect class for their babies! 

What Makes Infant Survival Swim Lessons Different?

Most parents will choose between two swimming lessons: traditional and survival courses. While formal swimming lessons teach kids survival skills with strokes and techniques, survival swimming lessons for toddlers focus on teaching critical safety skills that keep them safe in the water. 

Unlike regular swimming classes where older kids learn specific breathing techniques, baby survival swimming sessions teach your kids how to roll back and float on their own. At Bear Paddle, we call this “flip to breathe.”  So instead of focusing on techniques and strokes, infant survival swimming lessons aim to enhance a baby’s comfort level in the water and the instincts that babies already have in the water.

Here are three other things that make baby survival swim lessons different from swim lessons for older kids.

Trust in the water

Many babies tend to be afraid of the water, whether in a lesson or with their parents. Knowing that they can trust the water is the foundation of learning how to swim. 

Unlike other swimming classes, baby survival swimming lessons focus on acclimating students to the water until they become confident enough to move in it independently. With the help of the parents like yourself, instructors will slowly dunk their students under the water until they get the hang of things. This specific period in the lesson plan can be highly stressful for parents as it often leads to their babies crying.

But infant survival swimming classes emphasize how important it is for their babies to learn to trust the water for survival. 

Teaches parents safety skills

Babies aren’t the only students in these lessons. Even parents can learn critical water safety skills to increase their children’s chances of survival during water-related incidents. 

Once you enroll your baby in survival swimming, instructors will ask for your participation in assisting your baby. They will also provide valuable tips on what to do during emergencies.

Focuses on routine activities and motions

Swimming classes will often tackle different subjects per session and students practice various daily activities. Survival swim lessons do the exact opposite. Instructors use routine activities and motion so that their students can learn what they should do when they hit the water until it becomes part of their instincts. They will physically manipulate the child through the same movements during their sessions to teach them the Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) sequence of swim-float-swim until help arrives. 

Why ISR Classes Matter

Besides being a critical survival skill for infants, swimming offers various benefits to students, making it the perfect hobby for growing children!

Enhances cognitive development

Researchers from Griffith University revealed that kids who participate in swimming lessons are at least six months ahead in cognitive skills compared to other children. The study showed that kids who learned to swim early could read and do math better than other children of the same age. 

Develops visual-motor skills

Visual-motor skills include:

  • Your child’s ability to draw shapes
  • Color with lines
  • Other math-related developmental skills 

These skills matter if you want your kid to succeed in school. The same study from Griffith University Australia found that swimming can help kids reach their milestones earlier than their peers.

Improves confidence and self-esteem 

Once your kid becomes comfortable in the water, they will become more confident in unfamiliar environments like the pool. Thanks to the safe atmosphere, babies will learn how to relax and let their bodies float with the help of the movements that they’ve learned. 

How to Find The Proper Survival Swim Lessons For Toddlers

Due to the increasing demand for more children’s swimming lessons, hundreds of providers are in the market, making choosing a suitable class challenging. We’ve listed three critical factors to remember when looking for baby survival swim classes so you know what your child is getting into.

Certified instructors

As parents, it’s your responsibility to find credible and certified instructors for your children. When looking for swimming lessons, you must  ensure that their swim teachers are certified by nationally recognized institutions. 

A great swim teacher creates step-by-step lesson plans that they share with the parents of their students and allow them to observe their first class.

Cohesive lesson plans

Lesson plans allow parents like yourself to know what to expect during class. The right instructor will hand you a copy of the curriculum they plan to teach and the different activities you need to anticipate.

The lesson plan should also include a list of swim equipment needed for each lesson, if there is any. 

Safety protocols

For some parents, certified instructors are not enough assurance for their children’s safety. Formal survival swim classes should also have experienced lifeguards present during each session.

Lifeguards should have CPR and first aid training certifications like swim teachers. You should be able to say that your baby is in safe hands once they start their lessons.

Let Your Child Swim at an Early Age

Swimming is a great activity that allows you to bond with your baby and helps you ensure their safety during unprecedented times. This activity is fun and an essential life skill that will pay off in the long run in case of accidents.

With the suitable swimming class, you’ll get the chance to strengthen your bond with your children while teaching them helpful survival skills! To learn more about the different types of swimming lessons available in the market, check our blog here

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