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Month: November 2023 Swimming Blog

Choosing the Right Swimming School for Your Kids: A Guide for Parents

Swimming is more than recreational sport; it’s a gateway to physical fitness and life-saving water safety for children.  If you want your child to get into swimming the right way,
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Father and daughter in a pool

From Fear to Fun: How to Help Your Toddler Overcome Their Fear of Water

Nothing brings joy like watching your children splash and giggle in the pool. Water activities are a childhood staple and they provide incredible opportunities for you to bond with your
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Kid swimming in pool

What are The Different Strokes in Swimming: Four Techniques Kids Must Learn

Swimming is one of the most popular recreational activities for children and teenagers. It provides numerous benefits for their mental and physical health. In fact, it teaches an essential life-saving
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Woman smiling while in a swimming pool

Keeping the Mind Healthy: 6 Mental Health Benefits of Swimming

As a sport, swimming naturally comes with many physical health benefits. These include promoting good cardiovascular fitness, strengthening muscles, and building endurance. What you may not realize is that swimming
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young child held by their parent in a swimming pool

7 Benefits of Parent-Child Swimming Lessons

For kids without much experience in the water, starting swim lessons can feel scary, but a parent’s involvement can make the experience much more enjoyable.  Read on to learn more
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