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Month: July 2020 Swimming Blog

Dance Game Ideas To Keep Kids Activ

Dance Game Ideas To Keep Kids Active During The Winter

Keeping children active when they are stuck indoors can be challenging, but one thing the human species has appreciated throughout time is dance. Chances are good that your children love
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keeping kids physically active at home

How To Keep Kids Physically Active While They’re Stuck Indoors

Under our current circumstances, many children are stuck indoors. As we know, staying physically active is essential for remaining healthy, particularly for children, who are still growing and developing their
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great family restaurants for kdis in louisville

The Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants In Louisville To Go After Swim Class

Nothing works up an appetite quite like swimming. Are your kids always hungry at the end of their lessons? Never fear! Here’s are some of the best kid-friendly restaurants in
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great family activities for kids

Great Family Activities For Only Children

It’s far more common now for families to have an only child than it used to be. In fact, the number of families with one child is growing faster than
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