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Category: Children’s Activities

helping your child in the water

Helping Your Child In The Water

Parents and guardians are paramount to their children’s success as swimmers. Even if your child is enrolled in swim lessons, your involvement is still critical. Parents should be in the
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great family activities for kids

Great Family Activities For Only Children

It’s far more common now for families to have an only child than it used to be. In fact, the number of families with one child is growing faster than
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indoor kids activities

Indoor Games For Kids That Are Fun

Winter can make us all feel a little lazy. In many cases, curling up on the couch seems a lot more tempting than getting exercise. It’s the same for your
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Helping Children Overcome A Fear Of Water

You’ve read the articles, and you understand that helping children overcome a fear of water is important to your child’s growth. You know that drowning is a leading cause of
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Helping Your Child’s Confidence Grow In The Water

Some of the earliest skills taught in swim lessons are designed to help children feel comfortable and confident in the water. That’s because a child who feels comfortable in the
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Giving Experiences Over Typical Toys – The Benefits Last A Lifetime

As we are amidst the holiday season, your children are probably begging for this year’s most popular toys. Yet how often do you find toys forgotten in a corner a
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Great Children’s Activities To Build Their Confidence

Childhood is a time for exploration. Finding the right activity for your children can help build their confidence, so don’t shy away from letting them try different things. Children all
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