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when to start swim lessons for baby

The Ripple Effect: The Importance of Learning to Swim at an Early Age

Learning to swim is not just a recreational skill; it is a vital life-saving ability that everyone should possess. While people of all ages can benefit from swimming lessons, there’s
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11 Reasons Why We Love Summer Swim Clinics

Being passionate about learning to swim is one thing, but being diligent and tracking against it is another. That’s why we provide every student with a monthly in-water skill assessment,
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childrens water safety

Teaching Your Child Water Safety At Home

Home is where we feel safest, but often, we unwittingly take risks because of that sense of security. That’s especially apparent when it comes to drowning. Did you know that
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Dance Game Ideas To Keep Kids Activ

Dance Game Ideas To Keep Kids Active During The Winter

Keeping children active when they are stuck indoors can be challenging, but one thing the human species has appreciated throughout time is dance. Chances are good that your children love
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Ben Lecomte Seeking Crew For Second Expedition!

For 165 days, we followed the amazing adventures of Ben Lecomte, who took a journey across the Pacific Ocean in which he called ‘The Swim’. After battling bad weather and
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Bear Paddle Offers CPR and AED Certification!

Bear Paddle has some great Water Safety Offerings! Prepare you and your little ones for swim safety. Water emergencies can happen in a matter of seconds, it is important for
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