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Month: March 2024 Swimming Blog

child in pool wearing blue swim googles

Does My Child Need Goggles for Swim Lessons?

Learning to swim is an important life skill that not only promotes physical activity, but also instills confidence. At Bear Paddle, our central mission is to build confident swimmers, one
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Two kids playing with a water hose in their backyard

10 Fun & Exciting Water Activities For Kids

It can be challenging to keep your little ones entertained all spring and summer. The excitement of being outside and increasing temperatures mean the heat is on. Finding activities that
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little boy on the edge of a swimming pool

From Pool to Progress: Tracking Your Child’s Development in Swimming Lessons

Swimming isn’t just a source of enjoyment for kids; it’s a vital life-saving skill. Enrolling a child in swimming lessons introduces them to the water and aids in their physical,
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A male swim instructor assisting a young male student in the swimming pool

What Should You Look For In A Swim Instructor for Kids?

As your child learns to swim, they’ll benefit from working with a swim instructor who can ensure their safety, help them develop essential skills and confidence, and monitor their progress. 
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little girls wearing swimming gear in a pool

Teaching Kids to Swim: Overcoming Fear of the Water

Swimming is an essential life skill that provides physical benefits and plays a crucial role in water safety. Teaching kids to swim and helping them overcome their fear of the
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