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Month: September 2020 Swimming Blog

infant learning swimming lessons

The Integral Role Parents Play In Infant Swimming Lessons

You may think that swimming lessons are just for your child, but your involvement is crucial to your child’s success. Parents play an integral role in infant swimming lessons. Infants
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learn the benefits of swimming for child development

How Your Child’s Development Benefits From Swimming

You probably know that swimming is an important skill and that it can also be tons of fun, but did you know that swimming is also good for your child’s
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helping your child in the water

Helping Your Child In The Water

Parents and guardians are paramount to their children’s success as swimmers. Even if your child is enrolled in swim lessons, your involvement is still critical. Parents should be in the
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childrens water safety

Teaching Your Child Water Safety At Home

Home is where we feel safest, but often, we unwittingly take risks because of that sense of security. That’s especially apparent when it comes to drowning. Did you know that
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