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Swimming Blog

Welcome to the Bear Paddle Swim School Blog. Our results-focused story-based approach to teaching lessons builds confident and skilled swimmers, so parents can rest assured that their child is having fun while learning to swim.

How Long Will It Take for My Child to Learn to Swim?

Swimming looks easy, but takes an immense amount of coordination that is sometimes underestimated. Swimming involves mastering every single muscle in the body in order to move smoothly, efficiently, and...

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5 Health Benefits Of Swimming Actively Year-Round

When you think of swimming, you probably think of summer and not what are the health benefits of swimming actively year-round. And it’s true that unless you live in a...

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5 Benefits Of Infant Swim Lessons

5 Benefits of Starting Infant Swim Lessons At 6 Months Most of us recognize that infant swim lessons and learning to swim is a great safety skill, but many parents...

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Great Winter 2020 Activities For Kids In Cincinnati

Winter is almost here, and so is cabin fever. Not to worry! Here is a great list of winter activities for kids to enjoy in the Cincinnati region. Winter Ice...

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7 Swim Accessories for Kids You Should Bring To Your Child’s Swim Class

You’ve decided to enroll your child in swimming classes. Great! Now it’s time to figure out what swim accessories for kids should I bring? It’s an exciting time for your...

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The Integral Role Parents Play In Infant Swimming Lessons

You may think that swimming lessons are just for your child, but your involvement is crucial to your child’s success. Parents play an integral role in infant swimming lessons. Infants...

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How Your Child’s Development Benefits From Swimming

You probably know that swimming is an important skill and that it can also be tons of fun, but did you know that swimming is also good for your child’s...

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Helping Your Child In The Water

Parents and guardians are paramount to their children’s success as swimmers. Even if your child is enrolled in swim lessons, your involvement is still critical. Parents should be in the...

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Teaching Your Child Water Safety At Home

Home is where we feel safest, but often, we unwittingly take risks because of that sense of security. That’s especially apparent when it comes to drowning. Did you know that...

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Why Is My Child Afraid Of Water?

The statistics are scary. According to the CDC, 20% of all people who die of drowning are children under 14. Furthermore, an additional five children receive medical treatment for non-fatal...

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What Not To Teach Your Child When They’re Learning To Swim

We believe every child should learn how to swim, and we also want every child to enjoy swimming. However, it’s still important to have fun safely. That means knowing what...

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Distance Learning and Fall Activities to Promote Healthy Development

As parents, we have the toughest job on the planet. We’re responsible for the growth and development of future generations – while also making sure that they’re getting good grades,...

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