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Swimming Blog

Welcome to the Bear Paddle Swim School Blog. Our results-focused story-based approach to teaching lessons builds confident and skilled swimmers, so parents can rest assured that their child is having fun while learning to swim.

Great Winter Activities For Kids In New Jersey

Winter has been in full swing for a while, and by now, your children may be getting a little stir crazy. The cold weather doesn’t have to hamper their fun,...

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Best Places To Keep Kids Active In Chicago In Winter

Here are some of the best places to keep kids active in Chicago during the winter months. Winter in Chicago is known for being brutal. It’s tempting to spend the...

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Helping Children Overcome A Fear Of Water

You’ve read the articles, and you understand that helping children overcome a fear of water is important to your child’s growth. You know that drowning is a leading cause of...

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Helping Your Child’s Confidence Grow In The Water

Some of the earliest skills taught in swim lessons are designed to help children feel comfortable and confident in the water. That’s because a child who feels comfortable in the...

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The Best Age To Teach Your Child To Swim

Drowning is a leading cause of death for children, and the number of children needing emergency care for submersion injuries is five times higher. The good news is swimming lessons...

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How You Can Help Your Child Master The Fundamentals Of Swimming

As with all activities your child attempts, your unconditional support is necessary for your child when he or she is learning to swim. Here’s how you can help your child...

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Six Games That Will Help Your Child Learn To Swim

When children have fun, they want to keep swimming. Here are six games that will help your child learn to swim without realizing they’re doing it. Learning to swim is...

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Four Good Reasons To Enroll Your Infant In Swim Lessons

When you think of swim lessons, you may not picture infants, but enrolling your infant in swim lessons is an excellent idea. Swim lessons provide many of the same benefits...

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Giving Experiences Over Typical Toys – The Benefits Last A Lifetime

As we are amidst the holiday season, your children are probably begging for this year’s most popular toys. Yet how often do you find toys forgotten in a corner a...

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Great Children’s Activities To Build Their Confidence

Childhood is a time for exploration. Finding the right activity for your children can help build their confidence, so don’t shy away from letting them try different things. Children all...

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Keeping Your Child Safe Around Water

Teaching children to swim is an important step in keeping them safe around water. If they unexpectedly fall in, they should know important skills, like how to flip to breathe...

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What Makes A Custom Kids’ Swimming Program Different

Many of us grew up at a time when swimming lessons were much more informal than they are now. Either by a family member in a backyard pool, or perhaps...

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