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Swimming Blog

Welcome to the Bear Paddle Swim School Blog. Our results-focused story-based approach to teaching lessons builds confident and skilled swimmers, so parents can rest assured that their child is having fun while learning to swim.

What To Do If Your Child Is Afraid Of The Water

The most popular question we get from new parents is what to do if their child is afraid of the water. Believe it or not, we see swimmers daily that...

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The Best Advice For New Bear Paddle Families

We asked some of our expert Bear Paddle parents on advice they have to offer to both new Bear Paddle families, as well as to those considering swim lessons for...

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Common Misconceptions About Treading Water

Most of us were taught to tread water as children. It was considered an essential safety skill, and it is still used by lifeguards, water polo players, and the US...

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This Week At Bear Paddle Swim School August 23

Featured Teacher Name: Brianna S. Location: Orland Park, IL Three Words To Describe Me: Fun, Disney, Kid What Is Your Swim Story? I went swimming with the dolphins on my...

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Be A Water Watchdog!

Many of us have fond childhood memories of pool parties and swimming at the beach. Naturally, we want our children to enjoy swimming, too. However, drowning is the leading cause...

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Learning To Swim Is A Journey

Children Learing To Swim We often think of learning to swim as a one-time achievement: either you can swim, or you can’t. In truth, learning to swim is more of...

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“Flip To Breathe” Teaching Children How To Swim The Bear Paddle Way

Bear Paddle’s mission is to build safer swimmers by teaching children how to swim. Learning water safety skills at a young age is crucial as children are exposed to water...

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7 Must Know Water Safety Tips For Your 4th of July Weekend

The summer brings a lot of fun in the sun, including the upcoming 4th of July weekend, which means it is the perfect time for cooling down in the water!...

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The Benefits of Kids Swimming Consistently

Kids swimming can be a highly physical activity that uses all the muscles in the body at once. It can be exhausting to swim 30 minutes at a time, and...

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Drowning Prevention Week is June 14 – June 24. Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for infants and young children between the ages of 1 – 4...

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Bear Paddle Announces Swim Lesson Scholarships for Low-Income Children

Bear Paddle Swim School announced a partnership with Hope Floats Foundation to provide scholarships for swim lessons for low-income children and their families. In a news release, the swim school,...

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New guidelines say kids should start swim lessons around age 1.

Hillary Joseph can’t remember not being able to swim. When your backyard is a lake, as it was for Joseph and her two sisters growing up in northern Wisconsin, and...

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